ESO Herb Nodes smallIn Elder Scrolls Online, Alchemy is a crafting profession which produces various different potions, much like in the previous Elder Scrolls games. Anyone who has played Elder Scrolls games before knows that alchemy is an useful profession because the crafted potions are often very powerful and can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.

There is a 30-second cooldown for using potions in ESO though, so you are not able to drink them somewhat indefinitely like you were able to in Skyrim.

For all skills and abilities, Alchemy included, players need to use skill points to unlock more powerful ways to craft items. The more skill points you use, the better products you’ll be able to craft.

Just like in previous TES games, alchemy ingredients also known as reagents can be found and picked up out in the world.

Crafting Potions

The plants, flowers, herbs and mushrooms, also known as Reagents found in Tamriel all have their specific effects or Traits. A big part of alchemy is finding out the exact effects each different Reagent has. Using that knowledge and combining Reagents is vital in crafting useful potions.

To craft potions you need to be at an Alchemy station. There’s two types of ingredients you need: the Solvent, such as water, and the Reagents. Every time you craft a potion you gain experience in Alchemy. Crafting potions with a higher level Solvent increased the potion’s level requirement and strength, plus yields a much bigger experience gain, but it does require you to put skill points into Solvent Proficiency (see below). Any serious alchemist will put points into it, anyway. The greater your skill in Alchemy and the more skill points you have invested in that skill line, the more useful potions you can create.

The type of potion you create depends on the combination of reagents you use and their Alchemy Traits.

You can also create potions with our Alchemy Simulator. Our alchemy simulator also includes a tool that allows you to show all alchemy ingredients with a specific alchemy trait, ie. Restore Health.

Things to keep in mind when creating potions

  • If you attempt to create a potion using reagents without common Alchemy Traits, the attempt will fail, you will lose the reagents, and you will not receive a potion of any kind. You do still receive a small amount of Alchemy experience, though.
  • This means, in order to successfully create a potion, you need to use Reagents with common alchemy traits. The final effects of the potion will be defined by the shared traits between the Reagents.
  • For example, if you combine Columbine (Restore Health, Restore Stamina, Restore Magicka, Unstoppable) and Bugloss (Increase Spell Resist, Lower Spell Power, Restore Health, Restore Magicka) you will be able to create a potion with two effects, because these two reagents have two common traits: Restore Health and Restore Magicka – the final potion will restore both Health and Magicka.
  • Traits can be countered by their Anti Traits. Ravage Stamina counters Restore Stamina and vice versa. If you combine three reagents with 3 instances of Restore Stamina and 2 instances of Ravage Stamina, Restore Stamina will NOT be in the final potion, because 2 instances of Restore Stamina have been nullified by Ravage Stamina. You need 2 instances of a Trait for it to make it to the potion.
  • When you successfully create a potion, all of the common alchemy traits between the reagents used in the potion creating process will be learned. From then on, every time you deal with these reagents, those alchemy traits will be revealed.

The Best Alchemy Potions in ESO

To save space & make this guide more readable, I won’t copy paste the full list of potions here.  Link to the most useful alchemy potions & alchemy reagents.

Alchemy Reagent List and Alchemy Traits

Each herb, mushroom, flower or plant in ESO comes with four effects which are used to determine the properties of the crafted potion. As you progress in Alchemy, you’ll be able to learn the effects and use this knowledge to craft better-quality potions.

For those of you who want to know which plants to look out for, we have compiled a list of all known alchemy reagents and their effects here. This data was gathered in Beta and may not be accurate at launch.

The TES fans will be pleased to see Nirnroot on the list! Yup, it does exist in Elder Scrolls Online as well, and it still makes those distinct noises.

Looking at the reagent effects, we can clearly see that the usual restore Stamina, Health and Magicka potions will be relevant in ESO. On top of that we’ll have potions that can provide a significant boost in different situations, such as crit boost potions, invisiblity potions, run speed potions and so on.

The fun part in Alchemy will be combining different reagents and seeing what kind of potions you’ll end up with. I’ll leave this for you to figure out.

Reagent Alchemy Traits / Effects
Blessed Thistle
  • Restore Stamina
  • Ravage Health
  • Increase Weapon Power
  • Speed (increases running speed by 30%)
Blue Entoloma
  • Ravage Magicka
  • Restore Health
  • Invisibility
  • Lower Spell Power
  • Increase Spell Resist
  • Lower Spell Power
  • Restore Health
  • Restore Magicka
  • Restore Health
  • Restore Stamina
  • Restore Magicka
  • Unstoppable (immunity to stuns and disorients)
  • Restore Magicka
  • Ravage Health
  • Increase Spell Power
  • Detection
  • Increase Weapon Power
  • Lower Armor
  • Restore Stamina
  • Weapon Crit
Emetic Russula
  • Ravage Health
  • Ravage Stamina
  • Ravage Magicka
  • Stun
Imp Stool
  • Lower Weapon Power
  • Increase Armor
  • Ravage Stamina
  • Lower Weapon Crit
Lady’s Smock
  • Increase Spell Power
  • Lower Spell Resist
  • Restore Magicka
  • Spell Crit
Luminous Russula
  • Ravage Stamina
  • Restore Health
  • Lower Weapon Power
  • Reduce Speed
Mountain Flower
  • Increase Armor
  • Lower Weapon Power
  • Restore Health
  • Restore Stamina
Namira’s Rot
  • Spell Crit
  • Invisibility
  • Speed
  • Unstoppable
  • Ravage Health
  • Lower Weapon Crit
  • Lower Spell Crit
  • Invisibility
  • Lower Armor
  • Increase Weapon power
  • Ravage Health
  • Ravage Stamina
Violet Coprinus
  • Lower Spell Resist
  • Increase Spell power
  • Ravage Health
  • Ravage Magicka
Water Hyacinth
  • Restore Health
  • Weapon Crit
  • Spell Crit
  • Stun
  • Lower spell Power
  • Ravage Magicka
  • Increase Spell Resist
  • Lower Spell Crit
  • Weapon Crit
  • Reduce Speed
  • Detection
  • Unstoppable

Anti Traits

This is where Alchemy gets interesting. Certain Reagent Traits have a counter version of them. Ravage Health, for example, counters Restore Health. These are called anti traits, and at least for now, they have no use in Alchemy and are nothing but a pain in the backside, because they are only applied to you. If Zenimax decides to add poisons in ESO, it may completely change the way Alchemy works.

Trait Anti Trait
Restore Health Ravage Health
Restore Magicka Ravage Magicka
Restore Stamina Ravage Stamina
Increase Weapon Power Lower Weapon Power
Increase Spell Power Lower Spell Power
Weapon Crit Lower Weapon Crit
Spell Crit Lower Spell Crit
Increase Armor Lower Armor
Increase Spell Resist Lower Spell Resist
Unstoppable Stun
Speed Reduce Speed
Invisibility Detection

Alchemy Skill Line

ESO Alchemy
The Alchemy skill line has a number of more or less useful passive skills, which give bonuses to alchemists.

Solvent Proficiency enables alchemists to use different solvent types to make higher level potions, which means it is a passive skill that needs skill point investment if you want to make useful potions at level 50.

Keen eye: Reagents will make reagents easier to spot. It looks like more of a luxury passive skill to have rather than a necessity, but if it helps you in gathering more reagents, it’s probably worth it.

Medicinal Use increases the length of potion effects, which is always good. It isn’t strictly Alchemy related though, because it doesn’t affect the actual stats of the potion its self, but how your character benefits from the potion.

Chemistry is no doubt a must have for any alchemist who wishes to produce potions for frequent use. Up to extra three potions per crafting attempt is a huge bonus from a crafter’s point of view, and is very hard to justify not taking.

Laboratory Use allows the alchemist to use more reagents per potion when crafting them. It’s unclear how this will affect the potion or its quality, but it’s fair to assume there will be a benefit. If you can use three reagents with the same effect, for example restore stamina, it’s bound to be more effective than using just two reagents.

Snakeblood  reduces the negative effects in potions. It’s hard to say how useful this passive will be. If standard potions have severe drawbacks to them, Snakeblood might be a very valuable skill for all alchemists.


Alchemy Skills
Passive Solvent Proficiency (1/7)

  • Allows alchemist to use [solvent type] to
    make level X potions.
Passive Keen Eye: Reagents (0/3)

  • Reagents in the world will be easier to
    see within 20/30/40 meters.
Passive Medicinal Use (0/3)

  • When using potions, resulting effects last 10%
Passive Chemistry (0/3)

  • Produces 1 extra potion per crafting attempt.
Passive Laboratory Use

  • Allows the use of up to 3 reagents when
    crafting potions.
Passive Snakeblood (0/3)

  • Reduces negative effects in potions by 50%.
  • Joshua Harman

    I hope they enable us to use potions with a purely negative effect as a poison just like in Oblivion and Skyrim. Because You’re able to make a potion that does nothing but damage health, damage magicka and stun… but it’s only able to be self administered >.<

  • Yeah, poisons would add a whole another dimension to the Alchemy system in ESO. Now you just pretty much have to avoid the negative effects and choose your reagents in a way which counters them.

  • Joshua Harman

    Exactly which sucks because the ingredient emetic russula literally has no positive effects so without poisons that ingredient would be completely obsolete as it has not even a single beneficial effect. It kind of makes me think they intend to have poisons in the full launch title.

  • Guest

    Somehow I think they are probably going to do this in not so recent future. Maybe they are trying to avoid balancing issues in PvP.

  • RatSavage

    I’m pretty sure poisons will come as part of the announced expansion that includes the Dark Brotherhood. That’s just my guess, though.

  • Joshua Harman

    Yeah you could be right there. As far as I’m concerned alchemy is one of my favorite things in TES so if they include poison making in any capacity I’ll be happy. It’s just the hints are there… emetic russula having nothing but negative effects. That just screams ‘poisons’ are coming.

  • RatSavage

    Hopefully we will find out fairly soon.

    I liked using poisons in older TES titles as well (like slow or paralyze). Would be fun in PvP.

  • That would be logical move. I guess they do need to think PvP too. Chances are that poisons screw up the balance.

  • It would be a stylish move to include them with the Dark Brotherhood imo. I wonder how poisons would work out in practice in ESO, though. Give them a cooldown, but a separate one from potions? Make them single-use only, or make them last a couple of hits?

  • Anand

    Am disappointed by the limited number of reagents in alchemy, my favourites like various salts, many more plants and misc reagents (eg. briar heart, wisp trappings etc) in oblivion and skyrim are missing. This will get very repetitive and boring since almost all these reagents are very easy to get and there is no improvement system like in blacksmithing/woodworking etc.

  • You have a point. All the alchemy reagents in ESO are picked up in the nature. Killing imps for imp gall or ghosts for glow dust is no longer a thing, which is a shame.

    What’s really holding Alchemy back right now is the lack of poisons imo. If they do decide to add poisons, it will open the profession up a bit more. Right now there’s only a couple of truly useful potions. The number of useful alchemy products would easily double with poisons and it would open up a new meta game as well.

    That said, alchemy is still a VERY useful profession for many reasons, which I’m going to post about separately in the near future!

  • Karin

    There are plants in different quality levels? So green, blue, etc.?

  • No, plants are all of green quality. What matters is the solvent (type of water) you use with the ingredients. Higher level solvents will increase the level requirement of the potion and the potion’s strength.

  • Matthew C. Larson

    If I make a potion w/ only negative effects I sell it to the NPC merchant for the money.

  • Jenna

    I think the problem is that it’d have to be applied to a weapon. What about casters?

  • MaxStavro

    Yes but you could get more money or more use out of a normal potion if it didn’t have negative effects. The only thing good about the ravage potions right now is the XP you get from discovering that they ravage stats.

  • Barrock

    It is shitty, that Alchemy is the only Skill Line which have no Helper Perk who finds ingriedients for you -_-

  • Pip

    reverse List

    Restore Mana

    Bugloss, Columbine, Corn Flower, Lady’s Smock

    Restore Health

    Blue Entoloma, Bugloss, Columbine

    Restore Stamina

    Blessed Thistle, Columbine, Dragon Thorn

    Ravage Mana

    Blue Entoloma, Violet Coprinus, Whitecap

    Ravage Health

    Blessed Thistle, Cornflower, Emetic Russula, Nirnroot, Stinkhorn, Violet Coprinus

    Ravage Stamina

    Emetic Russula, Imp Stool, Luminous Russula, Stinkhorn

    Increase Spell Power

    Cornflower, Lady’s Smock, Violet Coprinus

    Increase Weapon Potency

    Blessed Thistle, Dragon Thorn, Stinkhorn

    Increase Spell Crit

    Lady’s Smock, Namira’s Root, Water Hyacinth

    Increase Weapon Crit

    Dragon Thorn, Water Hyacinth, Wormwood

    Increase Armor

    Impstool, Mountain Flower

    Increase Spell Resist

    Bugloss, Whitecap

    Lower Spell Power

    Blue Entoloma, Bugloss, Whitecap

    Lower Weapon Potency

    Impstool, Luminous Russula, Mountain Flower

    Lower Spell Crit

    Nirnroot, Whitecap

    lower Weapon Crit

    Impstool, Nirnroot

    Lower Armor

    Dragonthorn, Stinkhorn

    Lower Spell Resist

    Lady’s Smock, Violet Coprinus

    Increase Speed

    Blessed Thistle, Namira’s Rot


    Columbine, Namria’s Rot, Wormwood


    Blue Entoloma, Namira’s Rot, Nirnroot


    Emetic Russula, Water Hyacinth

    Reduce Speed

    Luminous Russula, Wormwood


    Cornflower, Wormwood

  • Our alchemy simulator has a tool for this that makes life easy. You can pick a trait and it shows all the ingredients that have it.

  • Good-God

    I was fighting one of the bosses, it was almost dead, i was losing health, but not as bad as the boss so i swallowed a healing potion that i created. then the screen turned blue and i was at dead… then at the waypoint wondering wtf …. i realized the redneck heal i brewed killed my sorry butt. I’ve learned my lesson. never harvest or brew anything! its even more useless than cooking stuff you’ll never eat.

  • Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

    Mistake for Dragonthorn. Says Increase Weapon Potency, should be Increase Weapon Power

  • BlessedThistleWeaponPower

    Blessed Thistle should be Increased Weapon Power too

  • Dreddnawt Mettlehead

    Discovering new Traits yields extra Enchanting experience. Learn all Traits for all Reagents by completing these 32 simple combinations:

    Blessed Thistle + Dragonthorn
    Blessed Thistle + Stinkthorn
    Blue Entoloma + Bugloss
    Blue Entoloma + White Cap
    Bugloss + Columbine
    Columbine + Mountain Flower
    Corn Flower + Lady Smock
    Corn Flower + Violet Coprinus
    Emetic Russula + Stinkthorn
    Emetic Russula + Violet Coprinus
    Imp Stool + Mountain Flower
    Lady Smock + Violet Coprinus
    Luminous Russula + Mountain Flower

    Blessed Thistle + Namira’s Rot
    Blue Entoloma + Namira’s Rot
    Bugloss + White Cap
    Columbine + Wormwood
    Corn Flower + Wormwood
    Dragonthorn + Stinkthorn
    Dragonthorn + Water Hyacinth
    Emetic Russula + Water Hyacinth
    Imp Stool + Luminous Russula
    Imp Stool + Nirnroot
    Lady Smock + Namira’s Rot
    Luminous Russula + Wormwood
    Nirnroot + White Cap

    Luminous Russula + Water Hyacinth
    Namira’s Rot + Nirnroot
    Namira’s Rot + Water Hyacinth
    Namira’s Rot + Wormwood
    Nirnroot + Violet Coprinus
    Water Hyacinth + Wormwood

    (Tip: Use the highest level Solvents you can for better experience gain.)

  • Tom Pearson

    Maybe an idea would be to create a quickslot for poisons that you can throw?

    like a poison balloon. That way casters can use also

  • guest

    or just make sure it restores rather than ravages, columbine + bugloss + mtn flower = win

  • RatSavage

    UPDATE 6 and potion effects

    I checked some potions on PTS and they have moved over to this system for Buffs, for example Stamina potions grant **Major Endurance**. I only had a chance to go through the Blessed Thistle two-potion combos, but here is what I came up with:

    Blessed Thistle & Columbine = Major Endurance
    Blessed Thistle & Dragonthorn = Major Brutality
    Blessed Thistle & Mountain Flower = Major Endurance
    Blessed Thistle & Namira’s Rot = Major Expedition
    Blessed Thistle & Stinkhorn = Major Brutality (with a negative side effect)

    The side effects are NOT related to the new Buff/Debuff system so far, and there are also effects that are not drawn from the Buff system (instant Stamina boost, for example).

    Quality: As you increase the quality of the solvent (water) used in creating the potion, the Buff itself does not change, but the duration of the effect increases. Examples:

    Blessed Thistle & Columbine [Clear Water – lvl 10] = Major Endurance for 12.3 seconds
    Blessed Thistle & Columbine [Cleansed Water – lvl 30] = Major Endurance for 19 seconds
    Blessed Thistle & Columbine [Purified Water – lvl V1] = Major Endurance for 26.4 seconds

    Even though the duration increases, the effect (Stamina Regen boosted by 20%) stays the same at every level. (There is an increase to the immediate Stamina restore, which is not related to the Buff system).

  • Dean Modisette

    I am looking for a straight forward location for columbine to complete my alchemist certification quest. Its driving me insane. It seems to be impossible to find anywhere from Skyrim down to Shadowfen

  • WildBear247

    Very nice summary, thank you 😀

  • tnx

  • Maggie Slaight

    Well, this was amazing.

  • Carter Gabriel

    Blessed Thistle: 3
    Dragonthorn: 3
    Stinkthorn: 2
    Blue Entoloma: 3
    Bugloss: 3
    White Cap: 3
    Columbine: 3
    Mountain Flower: 3
    Corn Flower: 3
    Lady Smock: 3
    Violet Coprinus: 3
    Imp Stool: 3
    Luminous Russula: 4
    Namira’s Rot: 6
    WormWood: 5
    Water Hyacinth: 5
    Emetic Russula: 1
    Nirnroot: 4

  • Matt

    So mountain flower has “increase armor”, but no other reagent has this trait making it pointless (and wasting many of my ingredients trying to find it’s match). It looks like the same is true for “speed”. what is the point of having these traits at all?

  • TedSini

    Hollow City, Coldharbor. Just go round the city in circles. There’s at least 4 locations and they respawn. Hope this helps someone; I can see it’s probably too late to help you. Hope you were able to certify.

  • HollowShadow
  • haha you guys guess it right, they are gonna add poison in the upcoming dark brotherhood DLC

  • haha you guys guess it right, they are gonna add poison in the upcoming dark brotherhood DLC, grate on your dream came true!

  • Kathleen Eaton

    White cap no longer lowers spell crit…not sure yet what they replaced it with

  • Chris Candel

    For me the 4th trait on Blue Entoloma was ‘Invisible’ not ‘Lower Spell Power’. But great article! Thank you. And thank you @Dreddnawt Mettlehead for the 32 combos!

  • RedSatyr

    I take it this site is no longer being updated? There’s reagents in the game that aren’t showing here like Butterfly Wing and Fleshfly Larva.