Alchemy Simulator

Show alchemy ingredients with the effect:

By default, you will be able to use only two alchemy ingredients in ESO, but Laboratory Use passive lets you add a third ingredient. You have the option to do both with the simulator. The simulator will show all effects the potion will have based on the ingredients you have chosen.

We will add an option to use different solvents later. This will reveal the level requirement of the potion and show the exact numbers each effect will have instead of a mere ‘x’. It also allows us to give the potion a proper name.

Our Alchemy Guide further explains how Alchemy works in ESO, but the basics are simple: the ingredients you choose must have common alchemy traits / effects. All common traits will appear on the crafted potion, providing that the traits are not countered by their anti traits. For example, Ravage Health will counter Restore Health and vice versa.

Negative effects currently only work on yourself because there is no way to craft poisons. This makes negative effects useless, and you should simply try to avoid them when crafting potions.

Useful Alchemy Potions & Reagents

Tajin was kind enough to provide us with a list of the best potions in the comments below. You can also check a more precise breakdown of the most useful alchemy potions and alchemy reagents.