Alchemy Simulator

Show alchemy ingredients with the effect:

By default, you will be able to use only two alchemy ingredients in ESO, but Laboratory Use passive lets you add a third ingredient. You have the option to do both with the simulator. The simulator will show all effects the potion will have based on the ingredients you have chosen.

We will add an option to use different solvents later. This will reveal the level requirement of the potion and show the exact numbers each effect will have instead of a mere ‘x’. It also allows us to give the potion a proper name.

Our Alchemy Guide further explains how Alchemy works in ESO, but the basics are simple: the ingredients you choose must have common alchemy traits / effects. All common traits will appear on the crafted potion, providing that the traits are not countered by their anti traits. For example, Ravage Health will counter Restore Health and vice versa.

Negative effects currently only work on yourself because there is no way to craft poisons. This makes negative effects useless, and you should simply try to avoid them when crafting potions.

Useful Alchemy Potions & Reagents

Tajin was kind enough to provide us with a list of the best potions in the comments below. You can also check a more precise breakdown of the most useful alchemy potions and alchemy reagents.

  • Some interesting combinations:

    Blessed Thistle + Dragonthorn + Water Hyacinth for your ultimate offensive physical damage potion.

    Cornflower + Lady’s Smock + Water Hyacinth for casters.

  • Marquis

    Looks very good! Thanks a lot for doing this.
    I found a pretty neat ingredient combination: Bugloss+Columbine+Mountain Flower. Restores EVERYTHING.

  • sick, def making these en-mass for my friends

  • Anand

    Am disappointed by the limited number of reagents in alchemy, my favourites like various salts, many more plants and misc reagents (eg. briar heart, wisp trappings etc) in oblivion and skyrim are missing

  • Yeah. Also there aren’t that many potions that make much sense to make and alchemy is rather limited at the moment.

    Maybe once they (hopefully) add poisons…

  • Nice combination for tanks:
    Columbine – Mountain Flower – Wormwood

  • Tajin

    I’ve just run a script to parse all possible combinations. Here is a list of the most potent ones (in terms of positive effects):

    This is the strongest combination possible:
    Bugloss | Columbine | Mountain Flower
    Makes a potion of rejuvenation with an extra bonus on health.

    Blessed Thistle | Dragonthorn | Namira’s Rot
    Blessed Thistle | Dragonthorn | Water Hyacinth
    Blessed Thistle | Dragonthorn | Wormwood
    Bugloss | Columbine | Dragonthorn
    Bugloss | Lady’s Smock | Water Hyacinth
    Columbine | Dragonthorn | Water Hyacinth
    Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Mountain Flower
    Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Water Hyacinth
    Cornflower | Lady’s Smock | Namira’s Rot
    Cornflower | Lady’s Smock | Water Hyacinth
    Dragonthorn | Mountain Flower | Water Hyacinth
    Blessed Thistle | Columbine | Namira’s Rot
    Blue Entoloma | Namira’s Rot | Water Hyacinth
    Bugloss | Columbine | Namira’s Rot
    Bugloss | Columbine | Wormwood
    Columbine | Dragonthorn | Wormwood
    Columbine | Lady’s Smock | Namira’s Rot
    Columbine | Mountain Flower | Namira’s Rot
    Columbine | Mountain Flower | Wormwood
    Cornflower | Lady’s Smock | Wormwood
    Blue Entoloma | Columbine | Namira’s Rot
    Columbine | Cornflower | Wormwood

  • We’ve added in a way to show all Alchemy ingredients which share the same effect. If you are unable to see the feature, I strongly suggest you to refresh to page (f5) once or twice.

  • tobinmarch

    Would be nice to add hover over details on reagents

  • I’ll probably add it later today since it’s so simple thing to do.

  • Tajin

    Hey Halmur, could you add a little button that resets all checkboxes ? Would make it a bit faster to try different combinations.

  • I added it. If it doesn’t work, refresh the page or clear browser cache.

  • Gierolf_Hvitrserkr

    they will probably “add” poisons when they “add” the theives guild.

  • Hilgara

    Anyone know of the crit effect increases crit damage or crit %?

  • It increases Critical hit chance %, not the multiplier / damage.

  • Adrian Witham

    Thanks for this πŸ™‚

  • xigan

    I love your list and I’ve come back to this page just for this list alone quite a few times. The format is not so helpful however. Especially the fact that you’ve left out the effects makes using your list unwieldy. If you don’t mind, I’ll add your list here:

    I’ll keep the names. You should have the honor of naming them for the rest of Tamriel πŸ˜‰

  • Tajin

    I actually made a mod that generates a list like that based on what ingredients you currently have available. It needs a bit more polish before I release it though. πŸ™‚

  • xigan

    Great idea! Let me know if you need a beta tester! And post a link on this page when you’re done! The number of likes your post got suggests that a whole bunch of people have bookmarked this page because of your post πŸ˜‰

  • manamana

    What means health+ and mana. where can i see mana?

  • Things are working again. Apparently small page update broke the simulator.

  • Carlos Henrique Gutz Leite

    In the WHITECAP, the third effect is Ravage Magicka, not Increase Spell Resist. The effects are inverted.

  • The order in which the traits are presented here is not relevant to the simulator its self (nor is it in game, really). In fact, if they happen to be in the ‘right order’ here, it’s purely by chance!

    Whether Ravage Magicka is the first, second, third or fourth effect, it doesn’t change anything. You’re only looking for common traits between the reagents, not the order.

  • Carlos Henrique Gutz Leite

    Sorry but it thought it was meant to be in the right order, since the sequence is respected in most of the plants.
    Its relevant for my purpose beacuse I was trying to get all plants effects avaible for my character, so I woundn’t need to call on this website every time.
    I was observing what effect was missing by its order and then i would search for the plants that had that effect so i can “know it” in-game.
    Therefore, It would be very usefull if all effects were in the right order.
    Nevertheless, this is an awesome feature and I’m very grateful for it!

  • Jersey wales

    I have one more trait to discover for Lady’s Smock(lower spell resist). How do I go about learning this? I believe there is a mushroom involved in the potion but not sure which?

  • Violet Coprinus is what you’re looking. That and Lady’s Smock are the only two reagents with lower spell resist trait.

  • MK Arctan

    Can you update this simulator? I find it really handy but it’s missing some key components.
    You mentioned that you’ll add an option to include different solvents — if you do follow up on that please include poisons.
    Addionally, many ingredients like fleshfly larva, scrib jelly, butterfly wing, spider egg, mudcrab chitin, torchbug thorax, etc. are missing. I don’t know if there are many beneficial potions to be made from these missing ingredients or not but I came to this simulator specifically to find that out.

    There are other websites out there with the information but this site has the best interface.
    Thanks for your work!

  • Robin Andersson

    Amazing. Is this still true 3 years later? πŸ™‚

  • Tajin

    No idea, I haven’t played it for quite a while. Don’t know if they’ve changed anything to alchemy since then.

  • Khedrak

    The Alchemy Simulator needs an update. For all the new reagents and poisons. Its kinda sad that it hasn’t been updated as of yet. Its been over a half a year now that these changes have been made in the game.

  • A Woot

    Hey there… White Cap is not combining with Nirnroot… either poison or potion… any idea why? Lower spell crit is on both?