Public Dungeon Group Challenge & Conqueror Guide

Every large public dungeon in ESO includes a group challenge, which yields a skill point for completion. Achievement hunters will no doubt want to kill all of the public dungeon bosses / champions for extra achievement points before leaving the dungeon as well. Large public dungeons of course also have a skyshard in them, which at times can be difficult to find or get to.

This guide provides a map of all large public dungeons in ESO, marked with group challenge, champion and skyshard locations.

Black = Group Challenge

Red = Dungeon Champion

Blue = Public Dungeon Skyshard

Every zone has a large public dungeon. Whilst many of these can be cleared on your own with the correct build and gear, they are much more difficult to take on solo than the smaller public dungeons. What sets the large public dungeons apart from the small ones — apart from the fact that these dungeons have much more enemies in them — are group challenges, and a greater number of dungeon champions, who are named dungeon bosses and a part of public dungeon achievements.

Aldmeri Dominion Public Dungeons

Dominion Conqueror Yellow

  • Toothmaul Gully – Located in eastern Auridon.
  • Root Sunder Ruins – Located between Elden Root and Haven, in Grahtwood.
  • Rulanyil’s Fall – Located in central Greenshade, west and slightly north of Marbruk, on the other side of the mountains.
  • Crimson Cove – Located north and east of Velyn Harbor, on the coast in Malabal Tor.
  • The Vile Manse – Located in the northwestern corner of Reaper’s March.

Completing all of the above conquerer achievements also completes the Aldmeri Dominon Conquerer meta achivement, which unlocks the Dominion Conqueror Yellow dye.

Daggerfall Covenant Public Dungeons

Covenant Conqueror Blue

Completing all of the above conquerer achievements also completes the Daggerfall Covenant Conquerer meta achivement, which unlocks the Covenant Conqueror Blue dye.

Ebonheart Pact Public Dungeons

Pact Conqueror Red

Completing every Ebonheart Pact Public Dungeon Conqueror achievement is needed for the meta achievement, Ebonheart Pact Conquerer, which unlocks the Pact Conqueror Red dye.

Coldharbour Public Dungeon

Public Dungeon Group Challenges & Conqueror Achievements

Group Challenges are events which take place in large public dungeons. These are difficult to solo, and reward a skill point for completing them. Every public dungeon is unique, and so are the group challenges. Once you know where the group challenge is located in the dungeon, you usually find a way to begin the group challenge. Sometimes you have to light braziers, douse torches, read a specific book and so on.

It should be noted that some of the group challenges are actually bugged, and do not reward a skill point. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the skill points retroactively when this gets fixed.

Finishing a public dungeon Group Challenge gives 50 achievement points.

Conqueror Achievements are awarded for those who defeat every single named boss within the public dungeon. A smaller version of the Conqueror achievement is the Slayer/Vanquisher achievement, which requires you to kill three of the dungeon bosses in a public dungeon. The number of champions in the public dungeon varies.

If you don’t seem to be able to advance in the conqueror achievements, you should know that some of the public dungeons require you to get the killing blow on the boss for it to count towards the achievement. I’m not sure if this is intended, but that’s how it works right now.

Finishing a Conqueror achievement gives 50 achievement points.

Bad Man’s Hallows

The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Bad Man’s Hallows Group Challenge

  • Slay the Giant Snake Mother in Bad Man’s Hallows.

Bad Man’s Hallows Conqueror

  • Defeat Bloatgut
  • Defeat Skitterflame
  • Defeat Rutmange
  • Defeat Bloodcraw

Bad Man’s Hallows Skyshard

  • “In the roots of the Hallows.” (Glenumbra Skyshards Achievement)

Bonesnap Ruins

The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Bonesnap Ruins Group Challenge

  • Defeat the Eternal One in the Bonesnap Ruins.

Bonesnap Ruins Conqueror

  • Defeat Lughar
  • Defeat Bloodmaw
  • Defeat Rork Bonehammer
  • Defeat Mar-Zak
  • Defeat Thargan
  • Defeat Torak Shadebringer

Bonesnap Ruins Skyshard

  • “Explore the ruins of broken marrow.” (Stormhaven Skyshards Achievement)

Crimson Cove

Crimson Cove’s Group Challenge

  • Defeat Flat Tooth and his minions at Crimson Cove.

Crimson Cove Conqueror

  • Defeat Pilot Ostrala
  • Defeat Povaren One-Eye
  • Defeat Yiralai the Wick
  • Defeat Old Strongclaw
  • Defeat Rokut the Mauler
  • Defeat Reja Laransdottir
  • Defeat Viro Redhands

Crimson Cove Skyshard

  • “Held by red-handed bandits.” (Malabal Tor Skyshards Achievement)

Crow’s Wood

Crow’s Wood Group Challenge

  • Destroy the Soul Wraiths to summon and slay Ghyslain in Crow’s Wood.

As the achievement hint says, in order to summon Ghyslain, you need to kill the wraiths around the tower-like structure. I believe there’s four packs of three wraiths you have to clear before he spawns.

Crow’s Wood Conqueror

  • Defeat Shriekscorn
  • Defeat Grizzlehide
  • Defeat Buron
  • Defeat Moonlit Maiden
  • Defeat Wrathvenom

Crow’s Wood Skyshard

  • “Drowned in the south by a clever bird.” (Stonefalls Skyshard Achievement)

Forgotten Crypts

Forgotten Crypts Group Challenge

  • Eradicate the Kwama infestation and kill the Kwama Guardians in the Forgotten Crypts.

When I did this, I wasn’t able to get a skill point. It’s a known bug.

Forgotten Crypts Conqueror

  • Defeat Silent Colossus
  • Defeat Fyrayn Telvanni
  • Defeat Forgotten Sheriff
  • Defeat Timothe the Sharp

Forgotten Crypts Skyshard

  • “Where the dead walk, no memories linger.” (Deshaan Skyshards Achievement)

Hall of the Dead

Hall of the Dead Group Challenge

  • Defeat Reynir the Destroyer and his minions in the Hall of the Dead.

Hall of the Dead Conqueror

  • Defeat Gefvid Lodorrsbane
  • Defeat Hlaki Lodorrsbane
  • Defeat Hrerik Lodorrsbane
  • Defeat Jalfrid Lodorrsbane
  • Defeat Sorgild Lodorrsbane
  • Defeat the Old Priest

Hall of the Dead Skyshard

  • “Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead.” (Eastmarch Skyshards Achievement)

Lost City of the Na-Totambu

Lost City Group Challenge

  • Solve the puzzle of the Guardians in the Lost City.

Lost City Conqueror

  • Defeat Arbhu-ra
  • Defeat Clacker
  • Defeat Gritstone Patriarch
  • Defeat Na-Totambu Sword Saint
  • Defeat Vath’ira

Lost City Skyshard

  • “Monumental find in the Lost City.” (Alik’r Desert Skyshards Achievement)

Obsidian Scar

Obsidian Scar Group Challenge

  • Defeat the Orc, Zilbash the Deceiver, at Obsidian Scar.

Obsidian Scar Conqueror

  • Defeat Doom Witch Dekamma
  • Defeat Ogmash the Mighty
  • Defeat Bumbuk Bear-Slayer
  • Defeat High Overseer Kvotai
  • Defeat Murgbakh Axe-Hands
  • Defeat Grand Shaman Glazgor
  • Defeat Zozullu

Obsidian Scar Skyshard

  • “Stolen by worshipers of Ashpit’s Lord.” (Rivenspire Skyshards Achievement)

Razak’s Wheel

The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Razak’s Wheel Group Challenge

  • Defeat the flesh atronach at Razak’s Wheel.

Razak’s Wheel Conqueror

  • Defeat Razak’s Behemoth
  • Defeat Centurion Solinthia
  • Defeat Archivist Poneria
  • Defeat Archivist Sanctius
  • Defeat Rkurdamz
  • Defeat Mzanchndalft

Razak’s Wheel Skyshard

  • “Meddling Imperials disrupt the Wheel.” (Bangkorai Skyshards Achievement)

Root Sunder Ruins

The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Root Sunder Ruins Group Challenge

  • Complete the Root Sunder Ruins group event.

You can start the event by using a torch in the room.

Root Sunder Ruins Conqueror

  • Defeat the Devil Senche-Tiger
  • Defeat Rootbiter
  • Defeat Rustjaw
  • Defeat Silent Claw
  • Defeat Great Thorn
  • Defeat Thick-Bark

Root Sunder Ruins Skyshard

  • “Crocs claimed a meal in the Sunder.” (Grahtwood Skyshards Achievement)

Rulanyil’s Fall

Rulanyil’s Fall Group Challenge

  • Defeat the undead hordes of Hergor the Fallen at Rulanyil’s Fall.

Rulanyil’s Fall Conqueror

  • Defeat Hannat the Bonebringer
  • Defeat Magna Tharn
  • Defeat Necromancer Utiasl
  • Defeat Onkal the Harbinger
  • Defeat Skirar the Decaying
  • Defeat Vree Foulflesh

Rulanyil’s Fall Skyshard

  • “Outside the Harbinger’s chamber.” (Greenshade Skyshards Achievement)

Sanguine’s Demesne

Sanguine’s Demesne Group Challenge

  • Defeat Fight-Master Grel.

Sanguine’s Demesne Conqueror

  • Defeat Shrom
  • Defeat Brol
  • Defeat the Guest That Wouldn’t Leave
  • Defeat Drel
  • Defeat the Bloody Judge
  • Defeat the Fire-Eater

Sanguine’s Demesne Skyshard

  • “Deep in the den of debauchery.” (Shadowfen Skyshards Achievement)

The Lion’s Den

Lion’s Den Group Challenge

  • Defeat the Lonely Giant and his angry mammoths in the Lion’s Den.

There’s many entrances around the map to get to the group challenge area. You’ll have to fight against two mammoths and a giant.

Lion’s Den Conquerer

  • Defeat Lieutenant Derone
  • Defeat Sargent Lort
  • Defeat Stenric
  • Defeat Sargent Themond
  • Defeat Frost Troll
  • Defeat Den Mother
  • Defeat Crazy Sebastien

Lion’s Den Skyshard

  • “Protected by wraiths in a beast’s den.” (The Rift Skyshards Achievement)

The Vile Manse

The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Vile Manse Group Challenge

  • Defeat the damned creations of Graccus’ frost experiments at the Vile Manse.

You can start this event by reading a book lying on the table in the room. A horde of smaller frost enemies will attack you, and finally a giant frost atronach will activate.

Vile Manse Conqueror

  • Defeat the Ancient Primalist
  • Defeat the Marrow Thief
  • Defeat Pelona the Marksman
  • Defeat Sergeant Atilus
  • Defeat Venissia the Twisted
  • Defeat Xevat-Golgok

Vile Manse Skyshard

  • “Far beneath a foul manor.” (Reaper’s March Skyshards Achievement)

Toothmaul Gully

Toothmaul Gully Group Challenge

  • Destroy Bloodroot and its guardians at Toothmaul Gully.

Bloodroot doesn’t seem to spawn often. Some say Bloodroot will spawn when no other champions are alive in the dungeon, others think it’s just a long spawn timer.

Toothmaul Gully Conqueror

  • Defeat Dzeizik
  • Defeat Nitch
  • Defeat Slakkith and Gorg
  • Defeat Thek and Black Bessie
  • Defeat Togga the Skewerer

Toothmaul Gully Skyshard

  • “Hidden home in the gully’s wall.” (Auridon Skyshards Achievement)

Village of the Lost

The entrance to Zatalguch’s lair is south of the group’s challenge location on our map. The Conqueror achievement was added in patch 1.2.3.

Village of the Lost Group Challenge

  • Defeat Zatalguch in the Village of the Lost dungeon.

Village of the Lost Conqueror

  • Defeat Mirok the Deplorable
  • Defeat Gruthaz
  • Defeat Vrendi
  • Defeat Aez the Collector
  • Defeat Iluzan
  • Defeat Macius Cento
  • Defeat Uluzzur

Village of the Lost Skyshard

  • “Ejected from the Village.” (Coldharbour Skyshards Achievement)