ESO argonianargonian ruins smallArgonians are reptilian people living in Black Marsh, the South-Eastern part of Tamriel. Argonians are unique in the sense that they are not related to men or elves in any way. Having lived in the swampy province of Black Marsh, the Argonians have developed abilities to suit their need. They are nimble, move quickly in water and have a natural resistance against certain diseases. Protecting the borders of Black Marsh in the difficult environment, the Argonians are masters of guerilla warfare.

Argonian light armor smallArgonians are members of Ebonheart Pact together with Nords and Dunmer. Argonians joined forces with Nords, led by Jorunn the skald-king and Dunmer, led by Almalexia to repel the Akaviri invasion.

In Elder Scrolls Online, Argonians receive an experience gain bonus to Restoriation Staff skill line, and the Amphibious racial skill increases their swimming speed and potion effectiveness. Argonians gain an increase to poison and disease resistance and their max Health is increased thanks to the Argonian Resistance ability. Finally, Quick to Mend is a racial skill which increases the healing Argonians receive.

Overall the Argonian racial bonuses seem quite situational. No doubt the increased swimming speed will be handy if you’re ever forced to fight in water, perhaps in Cyrodiil for example, but it is definitely a very situational bonus. The extra resistance to disease and poisons and increased Health and healing received are all useful bonuses. Extra Health is always good to have, and we will see how much of a problem diseases and poisons are in ESO.


Argonian Racial Skills
Passive Restoration Expertise

  • Increases XP gain with Restoration Staff skill line by 15%.
Passive Amphibious (0/3)

  • Swim speed increased by 50%.
  • Potion effectiveness increased by 5%.
Passive Argonian Resistance (0/3)

  • Increase Poison and Disease resistance by 7.
  • Max Health increased by 1%
Passive Quick to Mend (0/3)

  • Increase your healing received by 2%.