Imperials are a neutral race in Elder Scrolls Online, and the race is obtained from the Imperial Edition of the game. Imperials are able to choose their own faction.

Shield Affinity increases the experience gain with One Hand and Shield skill line, and the racial skill Tough increases the max Health of an Imperial. Coupled with Conditioning, which increases the max Stamina, the Imperials are serious contenders for the best tanking or all-around melee race in the game. Considering that the last passive skill, Red Diamond, gives melee attacks 10% chance to restore 2%/4%/6% of your Health, the Imperials were made to engage enemies in melee combat.

Imperial Racial Skills
Passive Shield Affinity

  • Increase experience gain with One Hand and Shield skill line by 15%.
Passive Tough (0/3)

  • Increases max Health by 4%.
Passive Conditioning (0/3)

  • Increase max Stamina by 4%.
Passive Red Diamond (0/3)

  • Melee attacks have a 10% chance to restore 2% of your max Health.