Wood Elves

ESO wood elfGrahtwood tree smallThe Wood Elves or the “Bosmer” hail from Valenwood in the South-Western Tamriel. The Bosmer have chosen to live their lives in the wilderness among nature. The Wood Elves are quick and agile, arguably the best archers in all Tamriel. It is also no surprise that the Bosmer have developed an increased resistance to diseases and poisons. Combine these qualities with the naturally developed ability to move unseen, the Bosmer make excellent thieves and scouts.

BosmerIn Elder Scrolls Online, the Wood Elves have an increased experience gain rate with the bow skill line and their stamina regeneration rate is increased in combat thanks to the passive racial skill Vigor. The Wood Elves also have a bonus to poison and disease resistance and increased maximum Stamina, a racial skill called Resist Affliction. The last racial skill, Stealthy, increases the stealth radius and damage done by stealth.

The Wood Elf racial skills focus on stamina and stealth. The Wood Elf is a natural choice for those who enjoy playing the stealthy assasin type in ESO.

Wood Elf Racial Skills
Passive Archery Expertise

  • Increase experience gain with the Bow skill line by 15%.
Passive Vigor (0/3)

  • Increase Stamina recovery while in combat by 3%.
Passive Resist Affliction (0/3)

  • Increase poison and disease resistance by 7
  • Max Stamina increased by 1%
Passive Stealthy (0/3)

  • Increases Stealth radius by 1 meter.
  • Increases
    damage done while stealthed by 3%.
  • sunsin

    If you take all three levels of Stealthy, and put your Wood Elf into medium armor with the two levels of Improved Sneak, and last but not least, manage to pick up five pieces of the (unfortunately uncraftable) medium armor set Night Mother’s Embrace (reduce the range you can be detected while hidden by 2 meters; reduces crouch cost by 25%), you end up with an absolute monster that can practically go up to enemies and light their cigarettes for them without being detected (to be noticed, you have to get in the face, almost literally, of the enemy figure). The only downside is that the highest available Night Mother’s Embrace is only level 30. But it’s fun while it lasts.