Treasure Map Locations

We’re constantly updating the map. If some zones are disabled, it means we’re working on them. This map has been updated for Morrowind & Vvardenfell.

Using the Treasure Location Map

  • Select the zone you wish to view from the drop-down menu.
  • Hover over a red icon or a treasure map name to show its location on the map.

Treasure Maps in ESO

Treasure Maps are unique trophies in Elder Scrolls Online. There’s hidden treasures in every zone, and sometimes you’ll come across treasure maps which will lead you to one of the hidden treasures.

Every treasure map depicts a sketch of the hidden treasure’s location. You should look for landmarks on the map and see if they match your surroundings. Once you are at the correct spot, opening your treasure map should give a near identical view of your current surroundings.

When you think you’ve got the right location, you should keep your eyes peeled for a small mound of dirt. Once used, a hidden treasure will be dug up and you’ll be able to open the treasure chest! Note that you’ll only be able to see the dirt mound & hidden treasure chest if you have the correct map in your inventory.

Once you have dug up the treasure, your treasure map will disappear.

Hidden treasure chests contain random loot. The treasure maps are usually worth pursuing, even if you don’t get a blue/purple item in every single chest (which you won’t).

How to get Treasure Maps

There’s a couple of ways to get your hands on the treasure maps. The first thing you should know is that treasure maps are random drops. Monsters can drop them and they can be found in various different containers around Tamriel.

Note that you can only find treasure maps for the zone you’re playing in. If you want to find treasure maps for Stonefalls, you have to kill mobs or loot containers in Stonefalls – you will not be able to get Stonefalls treasure maps from other zones.

Players can trade treasure maps, and treasure maps can also be sold on Guild Stores. This is a nice way to pick up the treasure maps you want, but have not been able to find yourself.

Another interesting bit of information is that other alliances can use the Treasure Maps during Veteran content, meaning if as Aldmeri Dominion you manage to your hands on a Stonefalls treasure map, be it CE or a normal treasure map, you’d get veteran rank loot, even though the original zone is only level 6-16. The contents of the treasure chests scale depending on which faction you play on.

Collector’s Edition (CE) Treasure Maps

The players who pre-purchased Elder Scrolls Online received a package called Explorer’s Pack. One feature of Explorer’s Pack is the bonus Collector’s Edition maps. You get three containers of treasure maps, one for every alliance. Opening one of these containers will give you the CE treasure maps of the relevant alliance in your inventory. The maps do take a lot of space. I’d advise you to not open them all at the same time, or your inventory space will be severely stretched.

CE Treasure maps are only a small number of the total treasure maps available, and currently the only way to get them was to pre-order ESO. Pre-ordering Morrowind gave players the collector’s edition maps 1, 2 and 3 for Vvardenfell.

Aldmeri Dominion Treasure Maps

  • Khenarthi’s Roost – 4 Treasures Maps, 2 CE Treasure Maps.
  • Auridon – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Grahtwood – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Greenshade – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Malabal Tor – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Reaper’s March – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.

Daggerfall Covenant Treasure Maps

  • Stros M’kai – 2 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Betnikh – 2 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Glenumbra – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Stormhaven – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Rivenspire – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Alik’r Desert – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Bangkorai  – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.

Ebonheart Pact Treasure Maps

  • Bleakrock Isle – 2 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Bal Foyen – 2 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Stonefalls – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Deshaan – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Shadowfen – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • Eastmarch – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.
  • The Rift – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.

Coldharbour Treasure Maps

  • Coldharbour – 6 Treasure Maps, 1 CE Treasure Map.

Cyrodiil Treasure Maps

  • Cyrodiil – 18 Treasure Maps.


  • Craglorn – 6 Treasure Maps.

Vvardenfell Treasure Maps – Morrowind Expansion

  • Vvardenfell – 6 Treasure maps + 3 CE Treasure Maps.

Wrothgar Treasure Maps – Orsinium DLC

  • Wrothgar – 6 Treasure Maps.

Hew’s Bane Treasure Maps – Thieves Guild DLC

  • Hew’s Bane – 2 Treasure Maps.

Gold Coast Treasure Maps – Dark Brotherhood DLC

  • Gold Coast – 2 Treasure Maps.
  • We added more treasure map locations today.

  • Diemondl

    Rivenspire III is located on the edge of the river around Fells run. Just east of the south bridge, just before the waterfall.

  • Thanks! Updated.

  • Zabr

    Grathwood 1 is just north of southpoint right by Nindaeril’s Perch

  • Thank you, should be visible on the map now.

  • Blue

    ty guys 😀 I love u !

  • Max Kisan

    alik’r treasure map VI near kozanset tower

  • Bullmamma

    Bangkorai I is located at Blighted Isle north of Evermore.
    Bangkroai II is located northeast of Silaseli Ruins near some trees by the water.
    Bangkorai V is located north of Hallin’s Stand Wayshrine just before a large statue of Bangkorai.

  • Bullmamma

    Bangkorai VI is located east of Old Tower Wayshrine. Just to the east of Basking Grounds looking towards Old Tower.

  • Thanks, that’s all Bangkorai treasure locations marked on the map now 🙂

  • Aka

    Malabal Tor Treasure Map II: West island of Velyn Harbor.

  • Zero teh Hero

    Malabal Tor 1 Map just west of the Ilayas Ruins

  • Mitsarugi

    Could Coordinates be added please?

  • Raizac

    Deshaan map one is wrong it should be map 7 so if u r looking for map 1 go to the map 7 loc

  • Deshaan 1 & CE/7 are definitely correct. I double checked them just now.

  • sniser

    Malabal tor 2 map is just in the small island at north west of velyn harbor. From the island you can see the big ship at north east from your position

  • Raizac

    AWWW I know what happened the roman #’s was not on same line
    it was below it and I thought it was tm 1 sorry

  • Cambin

    The Rift II is at 47, 44 on the map. Straight North from # 4 on the map, on the northern coastline of the lake there.

  • Thanks, that was the last one we were missing! Everything except Coldharbour & Cyrodiil is done now.

    Also thanks to everyone else who I haven’t directly replied to – your help has been great and is appreciated 🙂

  • We added coordinate system (it tracks your mouse position).

  • Mitsarugi

    Great help for my addon ( thanks a lot this will help a lot of people !

  • Mitsarugi

    As this site was a great help, here you go 🙂
    55;41 Coldharbour CE Treasure Map

  • Updated the Coldharbour map! Refresh the page if you can’t see it.

  • Do’azirr

    Cyrodiil Map VI is at 24,56; by the temple building at Castle Brindle. VIII is in Chorrol at 19,38 by the statue.

  • Aeriix

    I just want to point out that the CE Treasure maps can be used in Veteran Content to get Blue Vet Gear.

  • Sagasto

    Here is a link for Cyrodiil Treasure Map XI: it will only be good for a week if anyone can get it added or what not….

  • @lowery40

    hey just wanna update another location on stormhaven 88,47 is another chest. right around that area, on the shore

  • Allbetta

    Cyrodiil Treasure Map XVII is at 77,47

  • Fairy

    Greenshade Number 1 is actually at 65,84.

  • Cyrodiil is now viewable. We’re still missing quite a few locations there.

    A big thanks to everyone who has contributed!

  • threat_2_all

    Cyrodiil treasure map XVll is actually a little off. The correct location is a little further down the location given. It’s in that landmark with the plus sign with a circle in it.

  • What are the coordinates for it? It would be easier to get it right that way.

  • threat_2_all

    How do I find that out?

  • You can mouse over the map and you will see the map coordinates next to the drop down list. It tracks your mouse position and updates the coordinates when you move your mouse.

  • threat_2_all

    The Cyrodiil Treasure Map XVII is at 78,47, not at 77,44.

  • Changed (you may have to force page refresh in order to see the change).

  • Changed (you may have to force page refresh in order to see the change).

  • Bobbyx

    Hi there, For Grahtwood Treasure Map VI the coords are actually 47,47

  • Updated.

  • Robert Reynolds

    cyrodiil treasure map xvi is located @ 68,63 the entrance to cropsford

  • Jonathan Wong

    Cyrodiil Treasure Map XV at coordinates 67,47

  • Thanks, added!

  • Thanks, added it!

  • Tex Judd

    RQ, are these the locations the maps refer to for the treasure or the possible spawn location of a random dropped map?

  • These are treasure map locations. You must have the correct treasure map in order to be able to dig up the chest.

  • Tex Judd

    Thanks, I do, just the location on it is not familiar. I have Treasure Map 2

  • Treasure Map 2 of what area?

  • Lililangtree

    Auridon ii Treasure Map is in the wrong spot should be at 49, 64

  • Auridon II is literally on 49, 64. What do you mean?

  • Jesper Dudson

    Cyrodiil Treasure Map II is in 51.82

  • Jesper Dudson

    ok Cyrodiil map XII is in bruma

  • Paul

    Cyrodiil Treasure Map III is at coords 28, 70.
    For those that have a hard time finding it before the map gets updated: it’s on the western most edge of the map, south of Treasure map 6. It’s a small lake area with a waterfall immediately next to Howling Cave, which is not shown on this map.

  • Updated II and III.

  • Cuervo

    I got offered a couple hundred thousand for cyrodiil number xvii. what the hell is in these?

  • Janelle

    I can’t find Cyrodiil Treasure Map I 🙁

  • Janelle

    nvm I found it, it’s at 41,49 🙂

  • Updated!

  • draacco .

    Craglorn Treasure Map III and IV locations.

  • Jesper Dudson

    it is 48.17 can see it was not added

  • Craglorn was added today.

  • BloodRayn
  • DayByNight

    Hey I found Cyrodiil Treasure Map X. It’s at coordinates 30,17. Hope that helps!

  • Thanks, updated. XIII was updated earlier too. IV location is the only one missing.

  • DayByNight

    It’s XII(12), not XIII (13)…

  • DayByNight
  • I know. I meant that I updated X and XII now, XIII earlier.

  • Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Craglorn Treasure Maps V and VI, with screenshots and map views, can be seen at

  • Circuitica

    Khenarthi’s Roost treasure map III location is inaccurate. The treasure can be found on top of the hill, north-west from the the location shown here.

  • Emily Huxley

    Hi, I had the explorers DLC and deleted the maps because thought I could get them on net because of capacity issues I got rid. I wondered if there was a way to re-enter the code and get the maps back? please can anyone help

  • Emily Huxley

    Hi, I used the explorers DLC to get treasure maps and deleted them from inventory because of space and thought I could view on net, but was told the treasure wont be there unless you have looked at the map. I wondered if I could re-enter code to get them back., Please can anyone help?

  • Samantha Jo

    Khenarthi’s Roost maps are incorrectly numbered. 5 should be 1, and 6 should be 2. I’m not sure if 5 and 6 then go where you have 1 and 2, as I only had maps 1 and 2. But those are certainly off.

  • Can you get these treasure chests without the maps?

  • simon

    This what I think
    Elderscrollsonline was rushed to quickly the game was created poorly to the the creators of elderscrollsonline didn’t put enough into the game.
    Now game companies talk about making games for future generations how can you do that if you change and alter the the way 4 different elders scrolls worked just to combine into one game?
    Now I could go in to a great detail of what I mean but how Yal understand if not everyone here has all four generation elders scrolls and have recognized how each one is missing ability perks and characteristics items guilds armor weapons shrines creatures summons dlc racial characters that should of could of been carried from dagger fall elders scrolls to morwind elders scrolls to oblivion elders scrolls to Skyrim elders scrolls to elders scrolls online.
    And from game to game when adding these things from one game to other you don’t change the aspect of these things as you add them you keep them the way they are but you build on to things the originates from the first game and every thing in it but next game you bring everything you put first game and building on top that adding the things want add to the new

  • mary


  • mary

    No codes. But usually pretty reasonable in guild stores.

  • BoredESO

    Craglorn Treasure Map I 28.60, 62.15

  • Jarad Kendrick

    maybe a dum question but, the treasure and the matching armour sets etc. .are they static rewards or are rewards random and randomly dropped.. so if I want something I can’t just go and get it but, have to rely on rng to get it.

  • JoeBlow

    Craglorn V treasure map no shown

  • Tup3x

    Map updated. If you can not see anything reload the page or clear the browser cache.

  • Christopher Murphy

    If I have found the treasure once but get the map for that same hidden treasure can I get the treasure a second time?

  • Nick Mitchell

    You can get treasure maps for a completely zone than what you’re playing in. I was farming in Bal Foyen and an enemy dropped a Cyrodiil treasure map. Plus you can get random ones in Thieve’s Troves or Unlockable Chests!

  • Nick Mitchell

    You cannot carry more than one of the same treasure map in your inventory at once. You could have them in multiple locations like your bank, other characters or in your mail. You can complete multiples of the same map if you do one, then pull the same map from another location, but you need to move far enough away from the dig spot and then come back to have it respawn. Hope that helps!

  • Richard Wells

    Craglorn IV is wrong. its south of the road, east of town next to haddocks market. Craglorn V and VI are missing also.

  • Richard Wells

    Craglorn treasure map III is also incorrect. its on the lake to the south of where the map says it is.