Skill lines and Talents

ESO has a great number of skill lines, abilities and talents available for every player. Choosing your class only opens up a fraction of the abilities within the game. On top of class skills players get to specialize in armor skills, weapon skills, racial skills, guild skills, world skills and alliance war skills. Every crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online also has their own dedicated skill line.

To use the skill lines, players have to use skill points to unlock abilities. Skill points are rewarded automatically every time the player gains a level. There’s also a large number of Skyshards scattered around Tamriel. When a player finds three skyshards, they are rewarded with a skill point. There are also other ways to gain skill points: completing certain quests reward skill points and  ranking up in the alliance war yields a skill point.

The potential of character customization and build diversity is really amazing. Eventually as you progress, you will be able to unlock most skills in game if you have enough skill points.

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