Fighters Guild Skills

ESO Fighters GuildThe Fighters Guild skill line focuses on abilities which have powerful effects on Daedra and Undead. When facing Undead or Daedric enemies in Elder Scrolls Online, it’s a good idea to have a couple of Fighters Guild skills at hand.

A good thing to notice is that active Fighters Guild skills cost Stamina as resource.

You gain experience with Fighters Guild by…

  • Killing Undead and Daedric enemies. This is a slow but sure way to rank up with Fighters Guild. You will only receive one experience point per normal Daedra / Undead enemy killed. The number is slightly higher for tougher enemies.
  • Completing Fighters Guild quests
  • Taking part in Dark Anchor events.

Having a Fighters Guild ability slotted will also increase your rank with those skills, but at a very slow pace comparing to other skill lines for some reason.

Fighters Guild Skill Line

Fighters Guild skill line includes one ultimate skill, four active skills and five passive skills. The ultimate skills and active skills can be morphed when they rank up. Morphs change the original skill by tweaking it in one way or another. Each ultimate skill and active skill have two morph options. Once you have morphed an ability, it will replace the original ability. Morphing a skill takes a skill point.

Ultimate Skills

  • 0.5 sec. cast
  • 10 m. radius
  • 125 ultimate
  • Deals 85 Magic damage to enemies in front of you.
  • Deals 60% additional damage to undead and Daedra.

Morphed from Dawnbreaker

  • While slotted, weapon attacks deal 10% more damage.

Morphed from Dawnbreaker

  • Also knocks down Undead and Daedra.

Active Skills

  • Instant
  • 28 m. range
  • 42 Stamina
  • Deals 16 Physical Damage. Knocks down undead and Daedric enemies for 3.5 seconds.
  • 5% chance on hit to banish undead and Daedric enemies, dealing 112 Magic Damage.

Morphed from Silver Bolts

  • Activating again pulls enemy to player and deals 16 Physical Damage.

Morphed from Silver Bolts

  • Also hits two nearby targets for 50% less damage.
  • Instant
  • Target: area
  • 5 m. radius
  • 35 Stamina
  • Creates an area of protection for 17 seconds. Friendly targets nearby have Armor and Spell Resistance increased by 60.
  • Armor and Spell Resistance increased by an additional 60 against undead and Daedra attackers.

Morphed from Circle of Protection

  • Health regeneration increased by 25% for allies in area.

Morphed from Circle of Protection

  • When cast, undead and Daedra in the area take 11 Magic Damage and are feared for 4 seconds.
  • Instant
  • Target: self
  • 42 Stamina
  • 20% chance on hit to deal an additional 22 Magic Damage to Undead and Daedric enemies, for 10 seconds.
  • Killing an undead or Daedra increases duration by 15 seconds.

Morphed from Expert Hunter

  • Deals additional Magic Damage when stealthed.

Morphed from Expert Hunter

  • Chance on hit to restore 300 Stamina when damaging Undead or Daedra.
  • Instant
  • Target: area
  • 2.5 m. radius
  • 49 Stamina
  • Places a trap at location for 24 seconds. Trap takes 4 seconds to arm then deals 26 Magic Damage and immobilizes closest enemy for 6 seconds.
  • Undead and Daedra also burn for 45 Magic damage.

Morphed from Trap Beast

  • Trap can be placed up to 28 meters away.

Morphed from Trap Beast

  • Trap rearms once after firing.

Passive Skills

Intimidating Presence

  • Allows you to Intimidate certain NPCs in conversations.

Slayer (0/3)

  • Increase Weapon power and Spell power when attacking undead and Daedra.

Banish the Wicked (0/3)

  • Gain 3 Ultimate when killing an undead or Daedra.

Skilled Tracker

  • Fighters Guild abilities that affect undead and Daedra also affect werewolves.

Bounty Hunter

  • Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil will offer you bounty quests.