Daggerfall Covenant

DaggerfallCovenantBannerDaggerfallLogoThe Daggerfall Covenant is an alliance driven by the charismatic leader High King Emeric of Bretons. The Breton merchant lord, both diplomatic and cunning, created an alliance with the Redguards of Hammerfell through marriage. He also signed an important war treaty with the Orcs by promising them that they could restore the old mountain kingdom, Orsinium, to its former glory unmolested. Once the Daggerfall Covenant has re-established the Empire, Orsinium would once more receive the status of an Imperial province.The Orcs and Redguards earned mutual respect as honorable opponents in combat, but many Orcs do not trust the Bretons. High King Emeric, however, earned their trust. These feats earned Emeric, once a merchant prince,  the trust of the kings of High Rock, and eventually the position of High King. It is no surprise that the Covenant is ruled from Wayrest, a major city of trade.

High King Emeric seeks to unblock the old trade routes and restore peace and stability to his people. As long as the Ruby Throne of Cyrodiil is not in the hands of the Covenant, it can’t be done.

Our supplies dwindle. Our trade routes are shut down. Our people suffer.

Why?  Because a pretender sits upon the Ruby Throne.

Let us take up arms!  Let the fields of Cyrodiil run red with the blood of our fallen enemies!

But let us spare the lives of a few, so that they may return to their homelands to tell their fellows the fate they met at the hands of the Daggerfall Covenant.

One land! One Emperor!

Who among you will stand with me?

Emeric High King

The Bretons are known for diplomacy, their skill as craftsmen and most importantly, magic, which distinguishes them from the other human races. The people of High Rock were once dominated by the High Elves – hence  their prowess as wizards.

The Redguards of Hammerfell make fierce warriors, born with weapons in hands. The capital of the desert dwellers is the merchant port Sentinel. The Redguards value dignity and honor.

The Orcs or the Orsimer are often seen as barbarians, preferring to keep to themselves in their strongholds. The Orcs have been through countless battles in the tough mountain lands and live by a code of honor. There are no finer smiths in Tamriel.