ESO: Morrowind Released

ESO’s first expansion has now been officially released on all platforms. Players will set their course towards Morrowind and return to the iconic island of Vvardenfell. I’m sure many of us will be thrilled to re-visit the ancestral home of the dark elves since the single player game in 2002.

ESO Morrowind

Apart from giving players the obvious and exciting opportunity of exploring a whole new area (Vvardenfell) with various different quests, the Morrowind expansion offers a bit of something for everyone. There’s a whole new PvP game mode, Battlegrounds, which is a 4v4v4 type of arena setting for PvP enthusiasts. The Halls of Fabrication, a challenging new Trial was also added for players to tackle. And of course last but certainly not the least, ESO gets its very first new class since the release of the game: The Warden.