Group Dungeons in ESO

Elder Scrolls Online Group dungeons are designed for a group size of 4 players.

At launch there’s 16 group dungeons in ESO: one in every major alliance zone, and one in Coldharbour. Even though the other zones are restricted to a specific alliance, the other two alliances can still complete the group dungeons in rival alliance zones. To do this, you first have to complete the group dungeon in your own alliance’s zone. After this you can travel to the opposing factions’ group dungeons via the world map. You should be able to see the group dungeon icon on the map, which you can then travel to.

There’s two difficulty levels for group dungeons:

  • Normal Mode
  • Veteran Mode

Normal Mode Dungeons

Normal mode dungeons are part of the early character progression in ESO. As you move from a new zone to another, you’ll be faced with a new dungeon in the zone. Normal mode dungeons are on the easier side of the difficulty spectrum. Each normal mode dungeon has their own story and quest, which upon completion rewards you with one skill point.

Veteran Mode Dungeons

Veteran mode dungeons are unlocked when your character has progressed to the veteran ranks. In ESO you can level to 49, and after that you start gainining veteran ranks. Level 50 would be veteran rank 1, for example. At launch you’ll be able to level all the way to veteran rank 10. The latest Craglorn Trailer video already revealed that the veteran rank cap will go beyond veteran rank 10 – a veteran rank 12 character was shown on the video.

Veteran Mode dungeons are more difficult than the normal mode dungeons. You’ll be “going back” to the dungeons you adventured in on normal mode, but in veteran mode the story will be different and the bosses will have additional mechanics, and in general should prove to be more difficult to take down. You’ll also find that the rewards for completing veteran dungeons are more interesting than the normal mode ones are.

We have compiled dungeon guides for the group dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online. The guides include information about each dungeon boss and their mechanics. We’ll be upgrading this page as we add more guides!

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