Guild skills

There are a number of guilds in game which work like factions on most other MMOs. Most TES fans are quite familiar with the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood from the previous Elder Scrolls games. Well, good news for you – these guilds will all have a presence in Elder Scrolls Online as well. There’s even more guilds in ESO that demand you to champion their causes.

On launch players will be able to do tasks for the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild. A new addition is The Undaunted, which according to The Elder Scrolls Online’s Creative Director Paul Sage is a dungeon-based guild. Players will be able to gain experience and unlock abilities with The Undaunted as they clear dungeons.

As a member of the Fighters Guild, you can also be a member of any other guilds and vice versa. There is not a system in place in Elder Scrolls Online which limits your character’s ability to join only specific guilds under certain conditions. You can be a member of any and multiple guilds and advance in their ranks.

Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood have both been confirmed to have a presence in ESO, but they will not be in game at launch. They will be added later as an update. Zenimax developers aim to deliver new content ever 4-6 weeks, and the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild will be in the spotlight of one of these major patches, which are included in the default subscription fee.