Dark Elves

ESO dunmerDunmer BannerDark Elves or Dunmer have dark skin, are grim and reserved by nature and are originally from the province of Morrowind in Eastern Tamriel. It is also said that luck is rarely on their side. The Dunmer have fought many wars, mainly against Akaviri and Nords, and are battle-hardened warriors. The Dunmer have a natural inclination to magic. Combined with their intelligence, the Dark Elves are powerful wizards and sorcerers who also know how to handle themselves in close quarter combat.

Dunmer ordinator smallDunmer are members of Ebonheart Pact together with Nords, their old enemies, and Argonians, their former slaves. The Akaviri invasion forced the members of Ebonheart Pact into an unlikely alliance.

In Elder Scrolls Online the Dunmer have an increased experience gain with Dual Wield skill line, and their maximum Magicka and Stamina are increased thanks to the racial skill Dynamic. The racial ability Resist Flame increases the fire resistance and maximum Magicka of all Dunmer. The last racial skill, Flame Talent, increases the spell power of all fire spells.

The racial bonuses of Dunmer are great on paper. To maximize the potential of Dark Elves, players should definitely consider using fire spells. The increased Stamina and fire resistance are also awesome bonuses and should not be ignored.


Dark Elf (Dunmer) Racial Skills
Passive Ambidexterity

  • Increases XP gain with Dual Wield skill line by 15%.
Passive Dynamic (0/3)

  • Increase maximum magicka and stamina by 2%
Passive Resist Flame (0/3)

  • Increase Fire resistance by 10.
  • Increases Max Magicka by 1%.
Passive Flame Talent (0/3)

  • Increase spell power with fire effects by 1.