Provisioning is the cooking profession in Elder Scrolls Online. Provisioners can cook food and drinks which provide buffs that last anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours in ESO. As of Patch 1.0.4, it provisioning buffs persist through deaths just like Mundus Stone buffs. It’s unclear whether this is intended or not. You can only have one provisioning consumable buff active at a time.

This guide is still work-in-progress, but will serve as a source of general provisioning information for now.

Provisioning Tips


  • Anyone can work on their Provisioning skill if they have the required provisioning recipes and ingredients. To prepare food or drinks you have to be at a cooking fire. These can be found in most inns and towns, but also out in the world at bandit camps and so on.
  • The main source of ingredients for provisioning are different containers found in Tamriel and its towns, such as barrels, crates, and produce baskets.  Because of this, you should loot every single container you can get your hands on. Enabling auto-loot from gameplay settings helps a lot with this. Levelling provisioning will be very easy if you collect all the ingredients you can find. The only downside of this is that your inventory or bank space will be stretched.
  • It’s good to keep in mind that in ESO, you can deposit your ingredients or materials in a bank and still be able to use them at a crafting station, in this case a cooking fire. This allows you to keep your stash of ingredients permanently in a bank, not taking any space from your personal inventory.

Provisioning Recipes

Provisioning recipes are found in containers such as dressers, nightstands, cabinets and trunks. They also drop as loot from enemies. The recipes you’re able to get from the containers depends on your character’s level and the alliance you’re playing in.

The best way to get provisioning recipes is finding a building with as many dressers, nightstands, cabinets and trunks as possible, and then looting it over and over again. Container loot is instanced, so you can log out and log in back to reset the containers.

Many provisioning recipes are Alliance specific. It means you can only get these recipes from the relevant Alliance zones. Many of the ingredients also only drop in specific alliance zones. You can, however, bank the recipes and then learn them on another character in a different alliance.

See our Provisioning Recipe Master List for a full list of provisioning recipes in ESO.

You might also be interested in our provisioning ingredients guide.

Provisioning Recipe Types and Buffs

You can cook food and brew drinks. There’s three types of both.

Food type Basic Effect
Grilled Increase max Stamina
Bread and Pies Increase max Health
Soup and Stew Increase max Magicka


Drink type Basic Effect
Beer Increase Health recovery
Spirits Increase Stamina recovery
Wine Increase Magicka recovery

The effects each type of food/drinks have isn’t this black and white, but is accurate for the low provisioning ranks. Later in the game you’ll be able to cook breads and pies which increase all Health, Stamina and Magicka instead of just Health, for example.

Provisioning Skill Line

Provisioning Skill Line gives a number of bonuses to Provisioning. Some of these skills are vital in order to advance as a cook.

Recipe Quality allows the player to use higher quality recipes, which will naturally yield higher quality food and drinks. A casual provisioner will be fine without investing skill points in this passive, but if you want to get the most out of cooking, you’ll want to take a look at this skill.

Recipe Improvement increases the level of food and drinks you can craft. By default, you’ll be able to craft food and drinks up to level 19. To be able to craft higher level food or drinks, this is the passive you need to invest skill points in. In order to craft the highest level food/drinks, you are required to use five skill points on this passive alone.

Gourmand is an useful passive because it increases the duration of food buffs. It simply means you need to consume less food to maintain 100% uptime on your food buffs.

Connoisseur works just like Gourmand does, except it affects the duration of drink buffs instead of food.

Chef is a very nice passive skill to have for Provisioning. It creates up to three extra servings of any food recipe. Even if there is an abundance of food ingredients in ESO, this passive on its own means you need to find three times less ingredients to create the same amount of food than you would without it.

Brewer does to drinks what Chef passive does to food – it enables you to create up to three extra servings of drinks from a single drink recipe.

Hireling simply sends you food and drink ingredients every day. The value of this passive depends largely on how much time you have at your hands. The less time you can spend in game, the more valuable this passive becomes.

Provisioning Skills
Passive Recipe Quality (1/3)

  • Allows the use of green/blue/purple quality recipes.
Passive Recipe Improvement (1/6)

  • Allows the making of recipes up to level X.
Passive Gourmand (0/3)

  • Adds 5 minutes to the duration of any food eaten.
Passive Connoisseur (0/3)

  • Adds 5 minutes to the duration of any beverage consumed.
Passive Chef (0/3)

  • Creates 1 additional serving for each food recipe attempted.
Passive Brewer (0/3)

  • Creates 1 additional serving for each drink recipe attempted.
Passive Hireling (0/3)

  • A hireling will send you food or drink ingredients every day.
  • Patsy

    I think you can mail recipies and then use them on different characters on your account.

  • I’m actually interested to know how this works. At least at some point in the beta you were unable to send mails to your own characters, and the only way to trade items between your alts was putting the items in your bank, which is shared among all your characters. I’m aware of addons which circumvent this and indirectly give you the ability to send mail to your other characters.

    I clearly remember seeing an alliance requirement in some of the
    recipes, but in the last beta I could not see any. Either way, the
    crafted food / drinks are actually mirrors of each other – the names and
    ingredients required are different, though.

    Being able to use all of these recipes on one of your characters regardless of alliance would be helpful for sure, since you could just use the ingredients you happen to have the most in your bank.

  • Nick Newlin

    I did this during beta. You use the bank, not mail to share between characters. I had an Aldmeri provisioner and used an alt in the Daggerfall zones to collect Daggerfall recipes and ingredients, and banked all of those. I logged in with my provisioner and was able to retrieve the Daggerfall recipes from my bank and learn them with my Aldmeri character.

  • Good to know that the recipes aren’t alliance restricted.

    I think it’s a shame that between the three alliances, the recipes & ingredients are almost completely different with each other, yet they provide the exact same end result. Not very efficient filling your bank up with ingredients from three different alliance territories.

  • Nordenwatch

    You are missing Wines in your list of drinks. Also some food / drinks ive seen go for 1 hour, rather than 55 minutes.

    Also, provisioning does not follow your provisioning level but it depends heavily on what zone you are in (which faction) and what level your character is. My provisioning is 50 but I am still finding 20~ recipes and ingredients, as my character is level 19.

    Also it is worth noting that Provisioning levels faster than all of the other trade skills.

  • Yeah, I have been planning to update this page for a while now. The epic quality recipes can even go up to 2 hours duration which is pretty awesome.

    And I agree, it definitely seems to be the case with provisioning recipe drops. Your provisioning rank has nothing to do with the recipes you get.

  • Wheezymodo

    Can you have more than one food/drink buff active at a time? If I eat something for Stamina, and then something for magicka, will they both be active during that timeframe?

  • Nope, you can only have one provisioning consumable active at a time. It looks like later on you’ll be able to cook consumables which increase Stamina, Magicka and Health at the same time, though.

  • Cimorene

    Hi, there, so how exactly do I level the provisioning up? I am up to level 5 on cooking two recipes, which seem to be the very basic ones (Capison stew and Capison noodles). I have ingredients and recipes to brew — but they don’t seem to be available to me. The recipes I’d like to try all say, “require 1 skill point”. How is it that I am at level 5 and still need “1 skill point”? (Yes, I am a noob, LOL)

  • You level provisioning up by cooking (who would have thought, right?). If you want, you can repeat that same lvl 5 recipe a million times and eventually you’ll get to rank 50 provisioning.

    Without spending a single skill point on provisioning, you should be able to execute recipes up to lvl 19. Any recipe that yields food/drinks higher than lvl 19 requires you to use skill point(s).

    The only explanation for you needing a skill point I can think of is that you’ve managed to find recipes above lvl 19. You can learn every recipe regardless of your provisioning rank, but you won’t be able to execute them without the required Recipe Quality / Recipe Improvement rank.

  • Cimorene

    Thank you! I think I figured out what I was doing wrong (don’t have the boxes checked…once I unchecked them BINGO). That was a happy tip from ESO when I was transporting from one area to another! This is a terrific site, btw.

  • Scott Bihelek

    Does anybody know if ingredients are found based on location or your level?
    I accidentally learnt a bunch of level 2 recipes but am not yet level two, and now I seem to only find the ingredients for those recipes and not ingredients for the lower level recipes.
    Granted I am now in a new location…

  • beivve

    Is there a place in the interface that tells you what recipes you “know”? So I can collect just those ingredients.

  • As far as I know, by default the only way to look at your provisioning recipes and such is to be by a cooking fire.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if an addon exists for it, though.

  • Jim

    Uh oh! I am level 31, and just now trying out provisioning, I am at Provisioning 1, how do I increase my provisioning level?

  • Warlord Greebo

    bank is shared, always has been,

  • David Jetta

    im currentl;y lvl 11 on provisions, some recipes require a lvl in recipe inendiats qualirty and stuff. thats all i tcan think of

  • Insignificant Human

    Is there a way to see all of the recipes you have collected?

  • Joshua Wing

    I need fishy stick receipe arghhhhhhh

  • Syfyr

    You can see your recipes when you get to a cooking fire.

  • Darline Jacobs

    For you to level cooking you need to scavenge all areas to find more recipes and ingredients. As you level up your provisioning skills; the lower level recipes will no longer level up. You need to spend skill points to open your next passive recipe quality and recipe improvement.
    This takes time and many slots in your bank.
    When you stand by fires you’ll be prompt to cook your recipes.
    Try to makes recipes in your current level, so you’ll have food to increase your magicka, health, and stamina. Increasing your abilities will give you the needed boost to defeat your opponents.

  • r8dj .

    Anyone know how many points must be spent (minimum) in the Provisioning line, to get Provisioners Pack X from daily writs?