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No “Traditional” Open Beta Before Launch

Zenimax support confirms that there will be no “traditional open beta” for Elder Scrolls Online. Earlier Zenimax stated on Elder Scrolls Online’s facebook page that they would plan to conduct one. However, if you sign up to ESO beta before the launch and are eligible with the Terms of Service (mainly meaning you are of […]

New Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites Going Out

Zenimax are sending out yet another wave of beta invites.  The Beta will take place in the coming weekend. The beta testers are and will be under NDA, meaning the information related to the test session can not be discussed. Rumour has it that this time round, players get to play the characters they made […]

ESO Pre-Order Available – Choose Your Own Faction

Imperial Edition was leaked yesterday and now it has been officially confirmed. Pre-orders are up for all platforms and you can choose between  Imperial Edition and Standard Edition. Imperial Edition gets some special goodies and the pre-order benefits are simply put, amazing. Honestly I think that Zenimax has to confirm some of the bonuses that […]

Leaked: Play as an Imperial in ESO?

Looks like made a small mistake and posted a picture of Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial Edition instead of Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition for PS3. The picture was taken down quickly, but it was up long enough for people to take notice. Bear in mind that this is leaked material and not an […]

PlayStation Plus membership not needed for ESO PS4

The Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor took the time to answer some PS4 specific questions regarding ESO on Playstation Blog. Some of the answers very pretty vague, but from a PS4 player’s point of view the most important bit of news was that PlayStation Plus membership is NOT required in order to […]


We launched recently and our site is still pretty much work in progress. Many pages are still empty although for obvious reasons (beta NDA, game has not launched yet etc.). You will probably see many changes in site colour scheme and some other cosmetic changes. We are trying to make this work flawlessly on any […]

Tamriel Foundry Q&A with Paul Sage: Summary

The ESO community had a delicious opportunity to get their questions answered by The Elder Scrolls Online’s creative director Paul Sage in a Q&A session hosted by Tamriel Foundry. The Q&A session gave out some good basic information on the group systems, group PvE challenges and gameplay in general. I have summarized the answers provided […]

Elder Scrolls Online’s Voice Cast Announced

Today Zenimax announced the voice cast of ESO, which looks very impressive to say the least. John Cleese plays Sir Cadwell, Bill Nighy plays High King Emeric, Kate Beckinsale plays Queen Ayrenn. Michael Gambon voices The Prophet. Lynda Carter plays Azura (the Daedric Princess of Dusk and Dawn). Alfred Molina will voice Abnur Tharn and Malcolm […]

ESO Gameplay Video – Developer Play Session

Earlier today Zenimax released a developer play session featuring Paul Sage, the creative director of ESO, Nick Konkle, lead gameplay designer and Dan Crenshaw, dungeon lead. The video is well worth watching because it gives a pretty good idea of how the combat and UI in ESO play out. It also reveals some of the […]