ESO Reveals Subscriber Loyalty Program

high hrothgar wraith ESOZenimax Online Studios has revealed their subscriber loyalty program for Elder Scrolls Online. The program aims to reward those who have already been playing the game, but also those who have an active subscription running in the future.

The first loyalty reward is given in September, and it will be handed out to those who have been subscribed for three months (excluding game time included with your purchase of ESO and any additional complimentary game time).

These dedicated players will receive an in-game vanity pet, the High Hrothgar Wraith. The program will expand in the future, and to be eligible for the next reward you must have been subscribed for 6 months.

What’s more, if you’re currently not a subscriber and ineligible for the rewards, you’ll still be able to gain the rewards in the future after you’ve been subscribed to ESO for the required amount of time.

It remains to be seen what ZOS has in store for us in the future. Will it be more vanity pets, or perhaps something else?

  • Im hoping the 6 month reward is a Guar Mount!

  • Yes! Some variability to mounts in general would be great. I remember reading somewhere that it is on their list. So who knows?

  • They mentioned it during several interviews already about having different types of mounts. I think during their QuakeCon presentation during the Q&A they even mentioned how unlimited sprint was a horses default “trait” and how other mount types would have different things.

  • LeStori

    Pointless pets.. now that is a ‘reward’. Currently we have people running around with crabs. They should see a doctor . Others make a monkey of themselves. How about something useful for we paying beta Testers.

  • ChelleTaylor

    Dreamer. Honestly, I have no idea what ESO was thinking other than catering, as always, to the youngest possible target demographic despite the M rating. It doesn’t help that they’ve been ridiculously successful (marketing ala Joe Camel anyone?) so the age of MANY players is pre-middle school range.

    …not that mommy and/or daddy encouraging little dougie or betsy to be their game buddy rather than their CHILD at 10 years old is really such a terrible thing, until you consider the content of zone chat that is.

    So now not only do they their ride their ugly white horses into places that would be physically impossible in the real world, thereby destroying the immersive quality that makes ESO my all time favorite MMORPG; they now have their ubiquitous ghost fish to bring along with them to the already overcrowded bank, because it’s just too much bother to turn things like pets off for a bit to be, *gasp!* …um, what’s that word again? oh yes,puh, um… puh-puh POLITE! It’s kind of like con…… con…… consid..erate. Considerate! For those of you not familiar with the terms, they may? be found in an archaic old paper dictionary (along with old school words like “manners”) somewhere, or possibly,

  • Um….Yeah

    You make me depressed and my insides churn. ESO caters to the roleplayers and the hackers and slashers. If I was in Tamriel and found an Ice Wraith to follow me around, NO ONE would tell me when to put it away….. unless he or she wanted my force shock followed by a snare, then a wham: two-handed cleave. Buck up lil’ girl cuz if they didn’t cater to the paying demo, we would not have ESO.