Fungal Grotto Dungeon Guide

Fungal Grotto is the first 4-man group dungeon for the Ebonheart Pact located in the western end of Stonefalls, the first major Ebonheart Pact zone. Normal mode Fungal Grotto is tuned to level 12-15 players.

Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant players can also explore Fungal Grotto after they’ve completed the first 4-man dungeon in their own zones: Banished Cells or Spindleclutch. The dungeon can be travelled to by using the world map. You won’t be able to explore the enemy alliance zones until you hit the veteran content, but you can teleport to the dungeon instance instead.

This guide provides an overview of the group dungeon Fungal Grotto, its bosses and the key fight mechanics for each boss encounter.

Fungal Grotto Overview

Fungal Grotto has a unique story, which I’m not going to spoil for you. All I’ll say is that you’ll be fighting a bunch of goblins, dreugh and mucrabs! The normal mode story is different to the veteran mode story.

Just like any group dungeon, Fungal Grotto’s story is driven by a quest which will yield a skill point upon completion.

Fungal Grotto is not a very long dungeon, and most groups should complete it within 20 minutes.

Recommended Group setup

A safe setup is to go with the standard group composition of a tank, a healer and two damage dealers. The dungeon by its self is not very damage intensive, and if you have a group of players who know how to avoid red circles, you might be fine without a dedicated healer. Off heals will be needed for the tank no doubt.


  • Tazkad the Packmaster (miniboss)
  • Warchief Ozazai
  • Bloodbirther (miniboss)
  • Clatterclaw (miniboss)
  • Kra’gh the Dreugh King

Normal Mode

Tazkad the Packmaster

Level: 15

Health: 3,060

Tazkad the Packmaster is the first miniboss in Fungal Grotto. He’s a level 15 goblin, and has a bunch of Durzog and goblin adds with him. The fight is very straightforward and should not be a problem, as long as you focus the adds down first.

Boss mechanics

  • Tazkad casts Agony, a high magic damage attack which briefly stuns the tank. This should be interrupted.
  • Blood Craze is a physical damage over time attack applied on the tank. The damage isn’t that high and it can’t be avoided. Just eat it up.

Warchief Ozazai

Level: 15

Health: 8,415

Warchief Ozazai, a level 15 goblin war chief, is the second boss in Fungal Grotto and has a surprisingly large number of abilities in his arsenal. He could easily take new groups by surprise.

Boss mechanics

  • Ozazai initiates the fight with Shock Assault, a dramatic leap towards the main target, dealing physical damage to all targets caught in its point of impact.
  • Ozazai has two Murkwater War Guard adds with him who be should be dealt with as soon as possible. The adds plant a Dragonknight standard which deals AOE Fire damage to everyone in its radius. They also have a Charge ability, which deals high physical damage and knocks targets down in the area of effect. Focusing them down makes the fight a lot more manageable.
  • The main thing the tank needs to look out for is Ozazai’s heavy attack called Haymaker. It’s a very high physical damage attack with a knock down component.
  • The main mechanic of the fight is Daedric Blast. From time to time, Ozazai will target players with a red beam. The player will soon get a red circle beneath them, indicating the explosion radius of the Daedric Blast. After a few seconds the explosion will go off, dealing high magic damage to all targets caught in its radius. If you get the red beam on you, you should move away from the rest of the group to not blow them up.
  • When Ozazai gets on low Health, he periodically casts a physical damage AOE shout called Staggering Roar. Anyone caught in it will take a lot of physical damage. You can avoid it by outranging it.


Level: 15

Health: 5,100

Bloodbirther, a level 15 Dreugh, is the third boss in Fungal Grotto. Bloodbirther comes with two Dreugh adds who deal a lot of physical damage. Taking the adds down as soon as possible makes the encounter very easy.

Boss mechanics

  • The main mechanic, which the tank needs to look out for, is a channeled frontal cone AOE ability called Shocking Rake. It deals periodic lightning damage to anyone caught in the area. The damage isn’t that high, but as soon as the adds are dead you have nothing else to look out for, so there’s no reason not to avoid it.
  • Bloodbirther occasionally pulls random targets at range towards it, which is more of an annoyance than anything else.


Level: 15

Health: 5,100

Clatterclaw, a level 15 giant mudcrab, is the fourth boss in Fungal Grotto. Clatterclaw is arguably the easiest boss in the dungeon, as long as you can control the summoned mucrabs.

Boss mechanics

  • Clatterclaw barely does anything interesting by himself. He periodically summons a large number of mudcrabs to fight for him. As long as your group can burst them down quickly, the fight is very simple. If you choose to ignore them and tank them instead, you’ll probably die.

Kra’gh the Dreugh King

Level: 15

Health: 8,415

Kra’gh the Dreugh King, a level 15 Dreugh, is the fifth and final boss of Fungal Grotto. He has a couple of mechanics to look out for, some of them deadly.

  • The main mechanic is his AOE lightning attack called Lightning Field. It deals roughly 400 lightning damage depending on your mitigations, which can be enough to one-shot a bad geared player. A red circle appears beneath him and it increases rapidly in size. If you fail to get away in time, you’ll take lots of lightning damage.
  • You can often tell when lightning field is about to be cast. The boss likes to pull players to him. The lightning field tends to happen right after a pull has occured.
  • The tank needs to look out for a cast called Lunging strike, which will briefly knock the tank down, and a channeled lightning attack called Storm Flurry.
  • Kra’gh also periodically summons a horde of mudcrabs which need to be bursted down with AOE.

Veteran Mode

This section is still WIP. I’ll update this soon.