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ESO Gameplay Video – Developer Play Session

Earlier today Zenimax released a developer play session featuring Paul Sage, the creative director of ESO, Nick Konkle, lead gameplay designer and Dan Crenshaw, dungeon lead. The video is well worth watching because it gives a pretty good idea of how the combat and UI in ESO play out. It also reveals some of the […]

More information on group PvE soon

The Elder Scrolls Online social media is buzzing as Zenimax Online say they will be “sharing more about group PvE content in ESO in the coming weeks”. The following picture was included on the tweet:  Looks like we’re getting more information on “Dark Anchors, overland bosses and other group content in ESO.” On top of […]

Tamriel Journal Launches

Hello, travellers! In anticipation of the upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), we have decided to run our own ESO related community/fansite. The main purpose of Tamriel Journal is to offer the players a valuable source of information on the game and its core mechanics, and act as a community for the Elder Scrolls and […]