Tamriel Journal Launches

Hello, travellers!

In anticipation of the upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), we have decided to run our own ESO related community/fansite. The main purpose of Tamriel Journal is to offer the players a valuable source of information on the game and its core mechanics, and act as a community for the Elder Scrolls and MMO fans alike. The website will include the latest Elder Scrolls Online news, articles, game information and guides.

We’ll be covering the classes and different skill lines in ESO, the factions and races which perhaps have a bigger role in ESO than they have ever had in the past Elder Scrolls games due to The Alliance War. Crafting and professions are of course some of the many other things we’ll focus on.

The site is being vigorously worked on by a (very) small army of rare breed Cyrodilic monkeys. Because of this, the appearance and the content of the website will change severely. We can’t wait to get this thing running!

“May your road lead you to warm sands.”

-Tamriel Journal Team.