More information on group PvE soon

The Elder Scrolls Online social media is buzzing as Zenimax Online say they will be “sharing more about group PvE content in ESO in the coming weeks”. The following picture was included on the tweet:

Elder Scrolls Online Group PvE info

 Looks like we’re getting more information on “Dark Anchors, overland bosses and other group content in ESO.” On top of that a developer play session video, new wallpapers and the usual ask us anything, developer question of the week and fansite Q&As.

There hasn’t been much information on Dark Anchors so far, but what we know is that they are hook-like structures sent to chain Tamriel by Molag Bal. The Dark Anchors supposedly work like Oblivion Gates.  They’ll probably appear around Tamriel somewhat randomly and spawn all kinds of daedra from Molag Bal’s daedric plane, the Coldharbour.

The other thing that caught my eye was the overland bosses. I don’t think they have been mentioned before at all. Perhaps they have something to do with adventure zones? Adventure zones have been advertised as the large-scale end game PvE content of Elder Scrolls Online. The comparison to raids in other MMOs is inevitable. The major difference between raids and adventure zones is that there won’t be a huge group of players biting the ankles of a single, huge boss. The adventure zones are said to be more dynamic. Other than that, I guess Zenimax Online just want to brand their version of raids in a specific way. For the aforementioned reasons, perhaps the overland bosses are not related to adventure zones after all.

The “other group PvE content” doesn’t give that much away either. Possibly shedding some light on veteran dungeons? Perhaps they’ve got something else up their sleeves which they have kept quiet about.

New wallpapers will always be nice, but Zenimax, where is my Elder Scrolls Online fansite kit?! I’m sure the community wouldn’t mind one. I know I wouldn’t.