City of Ash Dungeon Guide

City of Ash is the third 4-man group dungeon for the Aldmeri Dominion in Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon is tuned to level 28-31 players in normal mode, and is located in the northeastern part of Greenshade.

The other alliances can complete this dungeon after first running through their own level 28-31 dungeons: Crypt of Hearts and Arx Corinium.

This dungeon guide explains the main boss mechanics in City of Ash.

City of Ash Overview

The dungeon quest for City of Ash is a bit further in once you’ve teleported to the instance – it is there, don’t worry.

The City of Ash is filled with Daedra and Dremora. Fighters Guild abilities will be very useful in this group dungeon.

Recommended Group setup

City of Ash includes a lot of avoidable damage, but having a tank and a healer will definitely be a benefit.


  • Infernal Guardian
  • Golor the Banekin Handler (miniboss)
  • Warden of the Shrine
  • Dark Ember (miniboss)
  • Rothariel Flameheart (miniboss)
  • Razor Master Erthas

Normal Mode

Infernal Guardian

Level: 31

Health: 20,664

Infernal Guardian is the the first boss in City of Ash. The fight is pretty straight-forward and like many other encounters in City of Ash, includes fire.

Boss mechanics

  • Infernal Guardian periodically places fire runes around the room. Don’t step in them.
  • The boss has a high-damage ranged ability which he uses on random distant targets. The damage is roughly half of your health, and shouldn’t kill you.
  • The Infernal Guardian has a fire mortar ability. He will spin around in place and hail down fire on random locations in the room. Stay out of the red circles and you’ll be fine.

Golor the Banekin Handler

Level: 31

Health: 6,888

Golor the Banekin Handler is the second boss in City of Ash. As you can guess from his Health, he’s a miniboss and isn’t very challenging. Depending on your group’s DPS, you may be able to take him down before he does anything.

Boss mechanics

  • Golor does a small-radius AOE attack around him which deals Magic Damage. You should have plenty of time to get out of it.
  • Golor raises his hand in the air, summoning Fire Runes around the room. Stay out of them.

Warden of the Shrine

Level: 31

Health: 20,888

Warden of the Shrine is the third boss in City of Ash. The main issue with this boss fight is the tiny platform you fight him on. There’s a lot of fire on the ground, so you won’t have too much space.

Boss mechanics

  • The tank needs to look out for the Warden’s heavy melee attack, which will briefly stun him and do a knock back. If you’re not careful, you could easily get knocked off the platform or into fire runes.
  • Warden of the Shrine casts a circle of fire which actually consists of multiple smaller circles of fire. You have a safe zone right in the middle of the smaller fire circles to stay in.
  • The Warden casts Fire Runes at random locations on the platform.
  • The Warden also does an AOE fire attack around him, marked with a red circle.
  • Warden of the Shrine periodically does a Teleport Strike on random ranged targets, dealing quite a bit of physical damage. The boss should run right back to the tank after the ability.

Dark Ember

Level: 31

Health: 11,480

Dark Ember is the fourth boss in City of Ash. She’s a fire atronach miniboss, and you guessed it, plays with fire.

Boss mechanics

  • The main and the only thing to look out for is Dark Ember’s lava burst ability. Three red circles will appear, and soon fountains of Lava will burst from the ground, dealing high Fire damage. The damage is easy to avoid.

Rothariel Flameheart

Level: 31

Health: 11,480

Rothariel Flameheart is the fifth boss in City of Ash. She is a miniboss and doesn’t have that much Health, but it’s easy to get caught off guard in this fight.

Boss mechanics

  • Rothariel will stand still and wave her sword over her head to do a whirlwind type attack, dealing high physical damage to anyone caught in the attack. When you see the attack, take some distance to her.
  • The tank needs to look out for Rothariel’s heavy melee attack, which will knock the tank down.
  • Rothariel will summon four circles of fire right next to each other, and vanish shortly after it. After a few seconds Rothariel will land on the circles with three mirror images of herself. The mirror images have low Health and can be controlled or AOE’d down. The mirror images actually have all the abilities of Rothariel herself. Getting whirlwinded by the three adds and Rothariel is a bad idea – kill the adds asap.

Razor Master Erthas

Level: 31

Health: 20,884

Razor Master Erthas is the sixth and final boss in City of Ash. Erthas will make a dramatic entrance, coming straight out of portal to Oblivion. This fight includes a lot of movement and adds.

Boss mechanics

  • Erthas periodically summons Flame Atronachs. Kill them asap.
  • Erthas sometimes lights his arrows on fire and shoots at the tank, dealing Fire damage over time.
  • Razor Master Erthas will teleport around the room. Just follow him, stay on top of the adds and you’ll be fine.
  • Erthas has a massive fire ball cast aimed at a random location in the room. Four huge beams of Fire will appear out of the impact’s location. Make sure you don’t get hit.