Crypt of Hearts Dungeon Guide

Crypt of Hearts is the third 4-man group dungeon for the Daggerfall Covenant in Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon is tuned to level 28-31 players in normal mode, and is located in the southeastern Rivenspire.

The other alliances can complete this dungeon after first running through their own level 28-31 dungeons: City of Ash and Arx Corinium.

This guide explains the Crypt of Hearts boss fights in detail.

Crypt of Hearts Overview

The dungeon quest for Crypt of Hearts is worth doing for the extra skill points it rewards. You can pick it up in the dungeon.

The setting in Crypt of Hearts is amazing, and the dungeon has a skeleton theme to it. You’ll be fighting lots of Undead. Fighters Guild abilities will be useful.

Recommended Group setup

Crypt of Hearts has a couple of very damage intensive fights. Having a healer and a tank is highly beneficial.


  • The Mage Master (miniboss)
  • Archmaster Siniel
  • Death’s Leviathan
  • Uulkar Bonehand (miniboss)
  • Dogas the Berserker (miniboss)
  • Ilambris-Zaven & Ilambris-Athor

Normal Mode

The Mage Master

Level: 31

Health: 6,888

The Mage Master is the first boss in Crypt of Hearts. He’s a miniboss with very little health, but the difficulty of the fight comes from the skeleton mage adds he spawns right at the start.

Boss mechanics

  • The Mage Master activates a number of skeleton mage adds around the room as soon as he is engaged. Kill the adds before you focus on the boss.
  • The Mage Master has a heavy melee attack that needs to be blocked.
  • Mage Master casts a blue bubble in a zone around him. The Spell works in a similar way to a Sorcerer’s Negate Magic, except it doesn’t seem to stun you or silence you. Any debuffs on the boss seem to get dispelled if you stay in the zone.

Archmaster Siniel

Level: 31

Health: 20,888

Archmaster Siniel is the second boss in Crypt of Hearts and one of the easiest boss fights in the dungeon.

Boss mechanics

  • Siniel casts an red circle of light-green and black stuff. Stay out of it!
  • Siniel also keeps on summoning undead with 110 Health. Killing them should be simple.
  • Archmaster Siniel’s most annoying ability is the AOE Fear. Siniel will fear everyone for a couple of seconds.

Death’s Leviathan

Level: 31

Health: 20,888

Death’s Leviathan is the third boss in Crypt of Hearts, and is a significant ramp up in difficult comparing to the previous bosses. There’s a lot of damage in this fight.

The fight can be divided into two phases. The second phase begins when the boss kneels down at a pillar and picks up a flame buff and basically lights himself on fire. All damage he deals is increased in this phase. It’s unclear to me what triggers this phase; it generally seems to happen when he goes below 50% Health threshold, but it could also be a time based thing.

The second phase of the fight is what will kill you. Because of this, you can take your time in the first phase & save up your Ultimates and resources for nuking him in the second phase.

Boss mechanics

  • Death’s Leviathan periodically charges in a straight line in front of him, marked with a red path. The charge deals a lot of damage and stuns anyone who gets hit by it. It should be easy to get out of the charge in time. Below 50% the charge also leaves a path of fire behind.
  • The most dangerous ability Death’s Leviathan has is his quickly expanding red circle. He kneels down and places a red circle beneath him, expanding very quickly in size. It’s very difficult to get out of it in time unless you’re already far away from him. In the first phase the damage isn’t too bad, but once the boss has the fire Buff, it can even one shot players.

Uulkar Bonehand

Level: 31

Health: 11,480

Uulkar Bonehand is the fourth boss in Crypt of Hearts. He’s a miniboss and is a lot easier than the previous boss, Death’s Leviathan is. This fight is all about positioning, but to be honest, even if you’re not paying much attention, the fight shouldn’t be a problem.

Boss mechanics

  • Uulkar places runes on the ground which snare players in it. The runes on their own very dangerous, but can cause problems combined with his second ability.
  • Uulkar places red circles on the ground. After a few seconds, spikes will spring up from the ground, briefly stunning anyone caught in it and dealing damage.

Dogas the Berserker

Level: 31

Health: 5,166

Dogas the Berserker is the fifth boss in Crypt of Hearts, and even though he only has slightly more than 5k Health, he’s very lethal, and can easily surprise you. You’ll greatly benefit from CC immunity abilities such as the Heavy Armor skill line’s Immovable active skill.

Dogas is surrounded by a bunch of low-health Banekin and Skeletons which should be taken down first. Dogas can also be rooted.

Boss mechanics

  • Dogas jumps in the air and stuns everyone close to him for 4-5 seconds, leeching Health in the process. This is his main ability and this is something that you need to work out how to counter.
  • I strongly suggest that the tank pulls Dogas away from the rest of the group, whilst they take care of the adds. After this it’s all about managing the AOE stun he has. It’s a terrible idea to bunch up in this fight, because everyone will get stunned and he’ll be leeching Health from 4 players.
  • This fight is super easy if everyone in your group uses Immovable. You can also just break free from the stun by using Stamina. You’ll be immune for future stuns for a short while.

Ilambris-Zaven & Ilambris-Athor

Level: 31

Health: 20,884

Ilambris-Zaven & Ilambris-Athor are the sixth and final boss encounter in Crypt of Hearts. Ilambris-Zaven is a fire mage, whilst Ilmabris-Athor specializes in lightning and melee.

As soon as you engage the fight, Ilambris-Zaven, the fire mage, will go to the middle of the platform and stay there for the duration of the fight.

Ilambris-Athor is the one the tank should focus on, because he moves and has heavy melee attacks which need to be blocked.

You should probably kill Zaven first to get rid of the annoying fire spells, but do note that Athor enrages and starts raining down lightning after his brother dies. Because of this, you can split DPS between the two bosses and take them down roughly at the same time, eliminating the lightning pool phase.

Boss mechanics

  • Athor has a melee heavy attack which the tank should block.
  • Athor periodically casts lightning runes on the ground. Stay out of them.
  • Athor casts a lightning spell on the tank, dealing slight damage over time.
  • Zaven will periodically charge a massive fire spell. He’ll engulf himself in flames for a few seconds, and follow up with a spell which sends beams of fire across half the room.
  • Zaven also places a red circle beneath him, expanding in size. After a second or two the circle will blow up and cause Flame damage to anyone caught in it.
  • Once Zaven is killed, Athor starts raining down lightning from the sky, filling up a lot of the room with pools of lightning. It’s still quite easy to find enough room to stay out of the bad stuff.