Creating ESO: Dark Anchors

Zenimax released an article on the making of Dark Anchors and a video which shows what we can expect from these small-size group PvE encounters in Tamriel.

We see the initiation process of a Dark Anchor in the video rather than the actual combat encounter, but we have seen that too in a previous Developer Play Session video. Now we have a pretty good idea on how the Dark Anchors work.

The article reveals that there is plenty of reasons to keep on sending these Daedric constructs back to Oblivion, such as:

  • Helping out Fighters Guild and gaining rank with them in the process
  • A set of achievements
  • Special cosmetic gear
  • More?

All in all, it’s good to see that the Dark Anchors seem to have shaped into big, immersive events with impressive sounds rather than small, very local and unimpressive ones.