Early Access Launch: Success

early accessI’m going to keep this post pretty short.

ESO has now been live for a full 24 hours, and we’ve all had some time to get reacquainted with Tamriel. I was very happy to see a much, much smoother launch than I expected. I can only speak for the EU megaserver, but there didn’t seem to be many issues at all.

I was expecting a boat load of quests to be bugged, I expected login queues, lag and server crashes. There was a time when all players and NPCs around me froze and I couln’t interact with anything. I was forced to shut down the game. I had one quest bug on me. A priestess refused to do her thing. Relogging did the trick there. Comparing this to the previous beta weekend, I was pleasantly surprised of how painless my first day in ESO was.

It will be interesting to see how this compares to the actual launch day on 4th of April, but so far this has been one of the best MMO launches I’ve taken part in.

What’s your experience?

  • Aeriix

    I’ve really enjoyed it. But the best improvement over the Beta tests has got to be the lack of people shouting falsely about how it’s a WoW clone. Zone chat has seriously improved over the low quality we had in the Betas, where I felt the need to leave chat entirely.

    And it may not be a bonus to everyone, but the quality of trolls is amazing. Semi intelligent and genuinely hilarious. At least on the Ebonheart US side.

    I did really expect to have a lot more bugs, but so far I’ve only had the occasional problem with going through stairs or glitching through the floor. But it’s always clears itself up in a few seconds, or is fixed easily by relogging.

  • Gierolf_Hvitrserkr

    yeah, the amount of people just joining to complain about the game has lessened greatly, doesnt help on the gold spammers that have shown up though.

  • I’ve yet to see any gold sellers on the EU megaserver. No doubt they’ll find their way in soon enough, though 🙁

  • I’ve seen some rather strong whining when people speak other language than English in zone (EU server) chat but other than that the chat has been clean. This time there are those guys playing who actually want to play it.

  • WMPlem

    They’re already here in the US server. Didn’t take long.

  • Kaillaikoi

    I had 2 bugged quests, one was solved with a relog and the other one cant solve it with a relog or teaming, I’ll try today again to see if it is working again. But the overall experience is amazing.
    Excellent pre launch, with lots of people and no lag at all. The EU megaserver hamsters have special meals every day, so, good performance until today. I hope they keep up the good work.

  • I’ve too had issues with few quests that resolved with relog. Though, I haven’t managed to finish one quest though (Skywatch frog quest).

  • Aeriix

    I have friends over on the EU Mega-Server I wanted to play with, but I had concerns about the mixed languages and issues that could cause in massive groups of PvP. Our German and French is rough, and not good enough to shout out quick warnings. That’s really the only issues I’ve had so far with game and megaservers, but I suppose we’ll likely see a shift of the non-English speakers either to factions where they can become the majority, or a move over to US side for the English-speakers. Hopefully they’ll be able to patch in language dominant servers, and separate the forums. I’d hate to see the game get ruined for anyone just because there’s no language setting for multiplayer.

  • Aeriix

    I know what you mean, I have more ignored accounts than friends now. But at least when you block the characters it blocks the entire account. Got 11 down, and haven’t seen any since.

  • Plenty of them over here now as well.

  • Xaring

    I was able to do the ques of the frogs, but its annoying… its luck related. You have to use the figuters guild perk to be able to win…

  • I managed to do it after the latest patch.