ESO Champion System – Account Wide Progression

Paul Sage has confirmed in an interview with ElderScrollsOTR that ESO is about to get its own account wide character progression system: the champion system. Based on Paul Sage’s description, the system seems very similar to Diablo 3’s Paragon system.

The champion system in ESO will be the last phase of the veteran rank overhaul.

The Champion System in a nutshell

  • Veteran Points will be gone and turned into regular experience.
  • Any experience gained after veteran ranks will be converted to champion points, which can then be used for various different passives, such as critical hit or spell defense.
  • Unlocking champion ranks will also unlock them for any other characters on your account.
  • After a champion rank has been unlocked, you’ll be able to spend the champion points on useful passives individually on your alts.
  • This gives an incentive to keep on developing your veteran rank characters, because not only will your veteran rank character become more powerful, your other characters will also be able to benefit from champion points.
  • You’ll only be able to gain champion points after level 50.
  • Champion System will also include “seasons” with season specific champion gear, which will be hard to acquire. Champion gear will have no level requirement, so it looks like it could be ESO’s take on heirlooms.

We’ll be able to learn more from The Future of ESO Panel in QuakeCon. Stay tuned!

ElderScrollsOTR’s interview shared some juicy info on other subjects as well, such as Dragonstar Arena, the future of Imperial City and 3v3v3 Arena. Read more about it below.

Dragonstar Arena

  • Dragonstar Arena is confirmed to be released in Update 4. It will take place in the next part of Craglorn, and will be the last update to the zone.
  • Dragonstar Arena works like Trials, except it is designed for 4 players. Difficult group PvE content.
  • Dragonstar Arena will have its own leaderboards, just like Trials.

Imperial City

ESO’s PvP team is currently working on Imperial City, which will be a massive dungeon. To access the Imperial City, your alliance needs to control it.

What exactly goes on in the Imperial City is unknown at this point. It could be a source for unique loot, which would provide another incentive for an alliance to gain control of Cyrodiil. Dark Age of Camelot’s Darkness Falls or Lord of the Rings Online’s Delving of Fror come to mind.

There’s not much more info on Imperial City yet, but no doubt in a few days at QuakeCon Zenimax will tell us more.

3v3v3 Arena – Instanced PvP

In E3, ESO’s game booth featured a 3v3v3 arena like setting which allowed players to team up and fight against each other in an instanced environment. Those who are going to QuakeCon will be able to experience it as well.

Until now, 3v3v3 arena or instanced PvP was supposed to be just a thing for shows such as E3, but because of all the positive feedback, instanced PvP / battlegrounds / arenas might be a part of ESO’s PvP scene in the future. Still waiting for a proper announcement about it.

  • This sounds quite promising. I hope that all this makes +50 gameplay better and more worthwhile.

  • stewie_801

    This is some of the main things I got from the video of the interview with ESO OTR. Paul did say that the vet levels are still there v1-12 and said that champion points just add to this as you level with experience instead of vet xp. And your current vet rank and partial rank xp will convert over to champion points that you would have earned if you had done all your leveling in the system. Trying to find the time mark for this one before work real quick. Also you won’t be able to spend your champion points on your alts until they hit level 50 (32:30 in the video). But like you said, once you hit 50 all the points will be available on all alts at that level or above. if someone can double check that vet levels are still there and make sure I didn’t misunderstand it.

    ok, quick edit around 33:00 Paul mentions level 50 and above still earning xp and champion points, making it sound as the vet levels after 50 will still be there.

    Another edit: after some searching around online, seems like people are still saying both ways as far as level cap at 50 or still vet 12. Guess we may have to wait til Quakecon to find out more and hopefully it gets clarified more there.

  • Yeah, looking forward to QuakeCon & what they have to say about all the new features.

    ESOing interviewed Nick Konkle & Eric Wrobel, you can see the whole thing at I believe.

    Here’s what they said about the champion system: “There will be a conversion of veteran ranks into the champion system. There are talks right now how we are going to handle people who are in the middle of a veteran rank for example. Those who are higher in
    veteran ranks will get a headstart in Champion system. ”

    “In phase 3 we are transitioning away from the VR system to the Champion
    system but in the meanwhile there are some systems that are dependent on
    us increasing VR ranks. If there are increases we will try to make it
    easier to get there.”

    That isn’t very clear either, but as I understand it, their ultimate goal is to get away from VR ranks. Like you said though, hopefully QuakeCon will give us more insight on this.

  • Just an update, from what I can gather, Veteran Points are being converted to regular experience. Veteran Ranks may not be going anywhere yet.

    The effect this change will have though, is that gaining veteran ranks will be much, much quicker than before.

  • Chris Lewis

    Am i understanding the champion system right? You gain points that you can spend on you main or alts after lvl 50. Doesn’t that make it to where you would need to max out a main and 7 alts to gain the max amount of points available? Or am i missing something?

  • It depends on whether you can gain “experience” (in this case it would be converted to champion points) on your level capped VR12 main or not.

    If you can, then you wouldn’t need alts. If you can’t, then you are correct.

  • stewie_801

    Just to update this completely, I forget which member of ZOS said it, but its on the forum that as of right now, the vet ranks will disappear once champion system rolls out. Subject to change without notice lol.

  • Ryix I

    Oh god, i hope they dont allow low level “champ gear” into the non vet pvp, I really dont feel like being wtf pwned by some pve farmer every 5 minutes :/