Provisioning Revamp – Major Provisioning Changes

eso provisioning changesZenimax is considering a revamp for Provisioning. You can read the full explanation of the revamp below, but here’s some of the changes the revamp would cause:

  • The number of provisioning ingredients would be cut down to half, but the number of recipes would stay the same or increase.
  • Most, if not all, of the current provisioning recipes would be changed.
  • There would be less randomness involved in getting provisioning ingredients from containers. “What you see is what you get”. Clicking on a sack of beans would no longer give you meat, and so on.
  • You could also have both a food and a drink buff active at the same time.

Original post by ZOS_GinaBruno:

We’re considering a significant revamp of Provisioning, and we’d like to get your feedback on it. Our goals with this proposed change are to improve the experience of collecting ingredients, to get away from the idea of tiered components, and to make brewing more useful. In a nutshell, we want to allow you to utilize every basic foodstuff you see in the game with cooking.


  • Cooking: What You See Is What You Get
    • You see grapes, you get grapes. You see cheese, you get cheese. No more clicking on a sack of green beans and getting aged meat.
  • Brewing: Based on container type (barrels, sacks, and crates)
    • Brewing ingredients will be broken up by closed container type to keep them useful and to avoid overlap with cooking.


  • Food and drink categories will have clearer usage
    • Cooking: Meat = health, fruit = magicka, vegetables = stamina
    • Brewing: Alcohol = health, tea = magicka, tonic = stamina
  • Combination recipes will be rarer, require more ingredients, and give multiple benefits as expected
    • Example: Rabbit (meat) and carrots (vegetable) may be combined if you have the Rabbit Stew recipe, and the result provides both a health and stamina pool increase (somewhat less than what a pure health or pure stamina food would provide, as in the current system).
  • The regeneration benefit of drinking will now stack with food benefits (some balancing changes may occur)

By having ingredients sourced in clear ways and using combinations of food items instead of tiers of ingredients, we will be able to cut the number of ingredients in half while still providing just as many recipes as we have now (if not more). This will require most, if not all, of the existing recipes to be changed to accommodate this new paradigm.

Our current plan is to replace existing recipes and Provisioning items with the ones from the new system, matching quality as much as possible. Any additional unused basic ingredients from the previous incarnation of the system will be changed to “stale” versions of themselves, and we’d like to include some way to offload them that provides value.

We realize this is a major change and that many of you have invested heavily in leveling up Provisioning and collecting recipes, so we wanted to get your feedback before proceeding. We feel this would be a major improvement to the game and want to hear your thoughts on the matter!