ESO Patch 1.0.7 Notes

ESO patch notesESO Patch 1.0.7 is live on the NA megaserver and will be applied to the EU server soon.

Patch 1.0.7 fixes Vampire abilities and tweaks the cost of in-game COD mail fees & guild store listing and tax prices.

The patch also includes a couple of quest bug fixes.


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.0.7 features more fixes to quest issues and blockers, in addition to some fixes to backend systems to improve overall game performance.


Alliance War


  • The Elder Scroll beacon effect will no longer vanish when the carrier uses the vampire ability Mist Form.
  • You can no longer use the ability Bolt Escape while carrying an Elder Scroll.

Combat & Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue with the ability Bat Swarm so it will no longer stack with itself. It will instead refresh if re-cast.
  • Reduced the cost reduction per stage of vampire abilities.
  • Reduced the movement speed bonus of the ability Mist Form.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause some werewolves to retain the speed boost indefinitely.

Dungeons & Group Content

Veteran Dungeons

  • Darkshade Caverns: Fixed an issue where you could gain more loot than intended from bosses.

Inventory & Bank

Guild Store

  • Reduced the cost of listing an item in a guild store.
  • Reduced the amount of gold taxed on the sale of an item in a guild store.


  • Significantly reduced the cost of sending C.O.D. mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the postage fee percentage for C.O.D. mail was not working as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where you were still being charged a postage fee for C.O.D. mail even if the recipient name was invalid.



  • Fixed a server-related issue that should improve performance in Cyrodiil.



  • Removed traces of translation tags for items in the guild stores.

Alik’r Desert

  • Whose Wedding: Slicer can now be interacted with consistently.


  • Sever All Ties: You can now use all three portals, and fight High Kinlady Estre.
  • A Hostile Situation: Captain Astanya will no longer get stuck and block your quest progress.


  • The Final Assault: You can now light the final brazier.
  • What the Heart Wants: Stibbons will now proceed through the door at the end of the cave, progressing the quest.


  • Mine All Mine: You can now complete the quest step to “Clear the Harvest Room” when all the monsters in the room are killed.
  • Vision Quest: The Imp will now consistently appear and open the portal.

Fighters Guild

  • The Prismatic Core: Portals will now consistently appear.


  • Rally Cry: You can interact with Shaza and progress with the quest.
  • Seeking the Guardians: Fixed an issue where the voiceover dialogue was in the incorrect language.


  • The Blacksap’s Hold: Maeroth can now be found where expected.
  • Scars Never Fade: You are now able to duel hunters to advance the quest.


  • Report to Marbruk: You will no longer have issues completing “Striking at the Heart” before “Report to Marbruk.”
  • Moonhenge’s Tear: The Key of Strife and Key of Discord will now drop when the appropriate enemy is defeated, and all prisoners can now be freed.
  • Witch of Silitar: Fixed an issue where relogging or crashing during Aranias’ demonstration would block your progress.
  • Mist and Shadow: You can now find Mel Adrys where expected.

Mages Guild

  • Circus of Cheerful Slaughter: You will now be able to interact with Valaste, and can also find Sheogorath.

Malabal Tor

  • Fulfilling One’s Fate: Guardian Celonron’s spirit will now appear when you are directed to kill him.

Reaper’s March

  • Motes in the Moonlight: The Dark Mane will no longer reset in the middle of the fight, blocking quest progression.
  • On the Doorstep: You can now interact with Gnolas and the Crystal.
  • The First Step: You will no longer get stuck on the quest step “Watch the Ceremony.”


  • A Traitor’s Tale: The King and General will no longer disappear unexpectedly.


  • Clarity: Binding Crystals will now appear when expected.


  • Godrun’s Dream: Fixed an issue where monsters were not set at the intended difficulty level for Silver and Gold players.



  • Fixed an issue that would cause the guild officer chat channel to break. Typing /officer1 will now properly send a message to all officers in your first guild.