Blessed Crucible Dungeon Guide

blessed crucible

Blessed Crucible is the fifth 4-man group dungeon for the Ebonheart Pact in Elder Scrolls Online, and is located in the southeastern part of The Rift. Blessed Crucible features level 43 bosses.

Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant players gain access to Blessed Crucible after completing their own relevant group dungeons: Selene’s Web and Blackheart Haven.

This guide explains the boss fights of normal mode Blessed Crucible  in detail, and provides strategies for defeating the bosses.

Blessed Crucible Overview

The best way to describe the Blessed Crucible is that it is an old Nordic arena, and is the home to various different mob types and creatures.

Completing the Blessed Crucible dungeon quest rewards a skill point.

Recommended Group setup

Can’t go wrong with the standard tank, healer and two dps.

Normal Mode


  • Grunt the Clever (miniboss)
  • The Pack
  • Teranya the Faceless (miniboss)
  • The Stinger & The Troll King
  • Captain Thoran (miniboss)
  • The Lava Queen

Grunt the Clever

Level: 43

Health: 17,720

Grunt the Clever is the first miniboss in Blessed Crucible. He’s a giant, and despite his name, he’s not actually very clever. Or at the very least, his combat skills don’t reflect that. You don’t really need a tank for this fight.

Boss mechanics

  • Grunt the Clever has an AOE Fear shout. He periodically fears everyone. You can break free from it with Stamina.
  • Grunt the Clever also has a massive frontal AOE melee attack. It is very easy to avoid.

The Pack

The Pack is the second boss encounter in Blessed Crucible, and it consists of a couple of bosses . You first kill a few waves of gladiators, and then The Pack jumps down from the platform.

Nusana: 14,176 Health

Nusana is a fire mage. That’s all there is to it, really.

Kayd at-Sal: 14,176 Health

Kayd at-Sal is a dual-wielding rogue type.

Dynus Aralas: 14,176 Health

Dynus Aralas casts fire and ice spells, but also heals his buddies.

Snagg gro-Mashul: 16,176 Health

Snagg gro-Mashul is a heavy armor orc with a big two-handed weapon.

Boss mechanics / Strategy

  • If you have a tank in your group, they should grab Snagg gro-Mashul. He does a whirlwind AOE attack around him. Pulling him away from the rest of the mobs is a good way to mitigate some damage.
  • Nusana, the fire mage, casts a pretty standard beam of fire infront of her. It deals damage to everyone on its path, so you should probably stay apart if you can do so. She doesn’t deal that much damage, though.
  • Dynus Aralas should be killed first – he is the healer.
  • Kayd at-Sal is annoying. He’s another prime target for your tank to play with.
  • If the fight lasts long enough, a couple of health potions appear in the middle of the arena. You can use them if you want.
  • Once each boss hits roughly 30% Health, they turn into werewolves. Hence “The Pack”.

Teranya the Faceless

Level: 43

Health: 17,720

Teranya the Faceless is the third miniboss in Blessed Crucible. She has two Enraged Durzog ads with her who do quite a bit of damage. Kill them quickly, and the fight becomes very simple.

Boss mechanics

  • Teranya does a 360 degree AOE attack around her. The animation is easy to see and you should be able to get out of it or block it in time.
  • Teranya the Faceless has a heavy melee attack, which the tank should block. Failing to do so will result in a knockdown and a lot of physical damage.

The Stinger & The Troll King

The fourth boss encounter in Blessed Crucible consists of two bosses: The Stinger and The Troll King.

The fight begins with The Stinger, who is a giant scorpion.

The Stinger

Level: 43

Health: 19,138

  • The Stinger has one ability to look out for: he periodically targets someone and creates a poison cloud beneath them. This attack deals tons of damage, and will easily kill you if you don’t step out of it immediately.

The Troll King

After the Stinger has been killed, the Troll King appears.

Level: 43

Health: 31,896

The Troll King is a giant troll. He makes a dramatic entrance to the arena, and has tons of Health. This can be a damage intensive fight.

Boss mechanics

  • The Troll King periodically jumps to a random players location. This deals LOTS of physical damage to everyone in the group. You don’t seem to be able to avoid it. You might be able to out-range it, but you’d have to be 30 meters or more away from him if that’s the case.
  • The Troll King has a quickly expanding AOE attack beneath him. He stops to stand still and starts channeling the attack. It deals a good amount of damage, but is not his most damaging ability.
  • The Troll King’s final ability is his frontal tremor attack. He’ll start smashing the ground and create waves of tremors infront of him. Needless to say, don’t get hit by them.

Captain Thoran

Level: 43

Health: 10,362

Captain Thoran is the fifth miniboss in Blessed Crucible. He’s the probably the easiest boss in Blessed Crucible. As long as you kill the adds around him, I don’t see how he could kill you.

Boss mechanics

  • Captain Thoran casts Fire Runes on the ground. Don’t stand in them. Even if you did, the damage low enough for a healer to heal through.
  • Thoran also randomly casts purple clouds around the room which deal moderate damage to anyone in it.
  • When on low health, Captain Thoran spawns a Lava Atronach who generates a huge shield on Thoran. Kill the Lava Atronach and the shield disappears.

The Lava Queen

Level: 43

Health: 31,896

The Lava Queen is the sixth and final boss in Blessed Crucible. This fight includes lots of movement, and is the hardest encounter in the dungeon. There’s potentially lots of damage flying about – heals will be needed.

Boss mechanics

  • The Lava Queen lunges her sword into the ground, and waves of lava erupt from her into multiple directions. You’ll first only get one or two, then many at once. This can be very difficult to avoid unless you’re far away from the boss. It’s recommended to just take it easy & take some distance to her when this happens.
  • The Lava Queen periodically summons Lava Atronachs, who start channeling a shielding beam on the boss. The fight is all about killing the lava atronachs and staying alive.
  • Random lava eruptions happen all around the platform. The eruptions are marked with red circles. Just stay out of them.
  • The Lava Queen sometimes casts a moderate damage fire attack on distant targets.
  • The boss also has a heavy melee attack which needs to be blocked.