ESO Patch Notes v1.1.5

ESO patch notesOVERVIEW
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.1.5 features additional quest fixes, and is one of our last incremental patches before our second game content update.


Alliance War

  • Siege Warfare: Using siege equipment will now update this quest when used on a target dummy.
  • If you are carrying an Elder Scroll and use /stuck, the Scroll will now drop to the ground.

Combat & Gameplay

  • Daedric Summoning
    • Summon Charged Atronach I: Corrected the tooltip for this ability – the damage bonus and Synergy name now match what they actually do.

Dungeons & Group Content

  • Banished Cells
    • The Plan: The quest step “Talk to Keeper Cirion” can now be shared amongst your group.
  • Volenfell
    • Blood and Sand: Fixed an issue where Tharayya would run forward toward a group of enemies if you entered this dungeon and had already acquired the quest.


  • Known Issue: You may occasionally see an in-game loading screen appear when you have not zoned. This can happen when the client gets overloaded.
  • Leaving the Fighters Guild will no longer cause pets or other followers to disappear.


  • The Plague Stalkers in the Obsidian Gorge no longer instantly respawn after being killed.

Alik’r Desert

  • Thwarting the Aldmeri: Fixed an issue that was sometimes making the pillars associated with this quest difficult to activate.


  • Vulkhel Guard: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when going through the Manor House Door.
  • Rites of the Queen: You can now use the door to follow Queen Ayrenn outside during the quest step “Talk to Queen Ayrenn.”

Bal Foyen

  • Zeren in Peril: You can now interact with the portal to respawn the General if he doesn’t appear.


  • The Weight of Three Crowns: Fixed an issue where the alliance leaders would not spawn, and would block quest progress.

Fighters Guild

  • The Prismatic Core: Queen Palolel will now properly rest if she becomes stuck.
  • Will of the Council: Fixed an issue where Merric would stay in one area and would not engage with any enemies.


  • The Blacksap’s Hold: Fixed an issue where you were unable to interact with the portal associated with this quest.

Mages Guild

  • Long Lost Lore: Valaste can now be consistently found in the Mages Guild building on the quest step “Talk to Valaste.”

Main Quest

  • Castle of the Worm: Slightly reduced the overall difficulty of the fight with the four skeletons.


  • The Thin Ones: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t interact with the Blood Fountain during this quest.


  • A Goblin’s Affection: Fixed an issue where you were unable to interact with Dithis Romori after killing Chieftain Grimmstal.
  • Through the Aftermath: If General Radrathren becomes stuck, using the brazier associated with this quest will re-summon him.
  • What Was Done Must Be Undone: The cage associated with this quest will now properly reset after you interact with it.