Tamriel Journal Alchemy Simulator

alchemy simulatorWe are pleased to release the first version of our Alchemy Simulator. It’s an useful tool for figuring out which alchemy ingredients you can combine with each other to create potions.

The simulator will show you the final effects the potion will have based on the alchemy ingredients you have chosen. If the chosen ingredients have common alchemy traits, and they are not countered by their anti-traits, the effect will appear on the potion.

The first version of the simulator is simple, and does not take solvents into account. Because of this, the simulator can’t tell you the exact strength of the potion or reveal its accurate name. Once we add an option to use different solvents, the simulator will be able to reveal the exact numbers and the name of the potion, which will be 100% identical to the ones in game.

Another feature on our to-do list is adding in a way to craft your potion based on effects rather than alchemy ingredients. The main work has already been done with the current simulator, and now just needs to be done in reverse.

We are also working on a Glyph simulator for Enchanting and a Provisioning simulator. Stay tuned!