Tamriel Journal Treasure Map

treasure map locationsWe’re pleased to introduce a new site feature we’ve been working on: a Treasure Location Map. It shows the locations of the hidden treasures on an easy-to-use map. The strength of the interactive map is that you can see all the treasure map locations on a single page – just select the zone you wish to view from the drop-down menu.

It should be said that a huge part of the fun with treasure maps is trying to solve them by yourself. Figuring out where the exact location is and digging the hidden treasure up is a great and rewarding feeling, which may not be there if you use guides or maps to help you out. It can be equally frustrating not being able to find the treasure you’ve been looking for, though.

The map works just like our Skyshard Map does: Hovering over the treasure map names on the list will highlight the locations on the map. You can also choose to do it the other way round: hover over the red treasure map icons, and the relevant treasure map name will be highlighted.

We haven’t been able to mark down all treasure locations yet. If you can’t select a specific zone, it means we’re still working on it. We’ll keep updating the map – don’t worry!