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One Week of ESO

If you count in the 5-day early access period, ESO has now been live for a full week. It’s time to post my impressions on the game & its launch so far.

I think the general consensus is that the launch was a success, especially in terms of server stability and smoothness. I had no issues whatsoever with server stability, lag or repeating crashes.

As expected, the game still does have its share of quest bugs. Highly populated areas suffered from this problem from time to time. Logging out and then back in again usually did the trick for me.

The guild system and in game mail system was taken out for a period of time, which was a mild annoyance but something I could live with.

Rollback Issues

There was an unacceptable issue with at least one zone in game, though: Greenshade. Zenimax managed to track the root of this problem down and limited it to a specific quest in the area, called Handmade Guardian, which was disabled.

The issue with Greenshade, the third major Aldmeri Dominion zone was that players would be stuck in continuous rollbacks, making it impossible to progress at all. A work-around for this problem was to log out and log back in often – it seemed to save your progress.

At one point the whole zone was taken down, and many players were stuck in the Greenshade limbo. There were similar issues with Ebonheart Pact’s Deshaan and Daggerfall Covenant’s Stormhaven zones, but to my knowledge not to the same extent as Greenshade.

Latest Patch Notes

The patch 1.0.1 fixes include numerous fixes to quests as well as some loot tables fixes, including a bug with provisioning recipes and fished veteran rank items (Yes, you were able to fish up Veteran Rank items in Stonefalls).

Tamriel Journal Updates of the Week

Rings of Mara Explained – General information about the Ritual of Mara and the Rings of Mara.

Tips and Tricks for ESO – A compilation of useful tips and tricks to help you out in Tamriel.

Bag Space Guide – A guide for getting the most out of your inventory and bank space in ESO.

Fungal Grotto Dungeon Guide – A look at the lvl 12-15 Ebonheart Pact dungeon.

Banished Cells Dungeon Guide – A guide for the level 12-15 Aldmeri Dominion dungeon.

Spindleclutch Dungeon Guide – All you need to know about the level 12-15 Daggerfall Covenant dungeon.

Hidden Treasure Locations Map – An interactive map for the treasure map locations in ESO.

A Humble Thank you

Tamriel Journal hasn’t been live for very long. We recently hit the 100 Twitter followers mark, which in the large scale of things is a very modest number, but for us a milestone to be proud of!

Thank you for supporting us!

Links & Videos

A new impressive cinematic trailer titled “The Siege” was released.

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