Leaked: Play as an Imperial in ESO?

ESO Imperial Edition

Looks like Amazon.com made a small mistake and posted a picture of Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial Edition instead of Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition for PS3. The picture was taken down quickly, but it was up long enough for people to take notice. Bear in mind that this is leaked material and not an official announcement. For all we know it could be hoax.

Most of the items listed in the picture seem quite standard for a collector’s edition: A collector’s edition box & steelbook packaging, 12-inch Molag Bal statue, a map of Tamriel and  a 224-page illustrated book called ‘Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel’. Where it gets interesting is the exclusive collection of digital content: white imperial horse mount, mudcrab vanity pet, rings of Mara and… wait for it… the ability to play as an imperial in any alliance.

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PlayStation Plus membership not needed for ESO PS4

The Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor took the time to answer some PS4 specific questions regarding ESO on Playstation Blog. Some of the answers very pretty vague, but from a PS4 player’s point of view the most important bit of news was that PlayStation Plus membership is NOT required in order to play The Elder Scrolls Online (unlike with Xbox One which requires users to have Xbox Live Gold subscription according to joystiq.com).

Firor’s post also revealed that…

  • PS4 users will NOT share the same megaservers as the PC/Mac users.
  • The PS4 megaserver will be split between North America and Europe megaservers.

That’s it, really. He addressed some questions regarding the use of DualShock 4 touchpad in game and how the action bars and UI elements are going to be implemented for PS4 players.  The community of course also wanted to know when the PS4 beta invites and tests were going to take place, but no specific answer was given.

I think most people expected a split between console and PC megaservers, because the PC version of the game launches earlier anyway, which would have given the higher-level PC players an advantage.



We launched recently and our site is still pretty much work in progress. Many pages are still empty although for obvious reasons (beta NDA, game has not launched yet etc.). You will probably see many changes in site colour scheme and some other cosmetic changes. We are trying to make this work flawlessly on any up to date browser (it should). We are not going to add legacy support for old browsers and we can’t test on old smartphone browsers. However, if you notice something really off, you can report it here. So if something weird happens and layout appears broken, it’s probably (mostly) my fault.

Our forums are open and everything should be working as intended there. Feel free to register and start discussing ESO or Elder Scrolls in general.

Tamriel Foundry Q&A with Paul Sage: Summary

The ESO community had a delicious opportunity to get their questions answered by The Elder Scrolls Online’s creative director Paul Sage in a Q&A session hosted by Tamriel Foundry. The Q&A session gave out some good basic information on the group systems, group PvE challenges and gameplay in general. I have summarized the answers provided by Paul Sage.

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Elder Scrolls Online PvP Q&A with Brian Wheeler

Keep in CyrodiilElitistJerks did an exclusive Q&A interview session in December with the Lead PvP Designer of Zenimax Studios, Brian Wheeler. This is not exactly fresh news but I think that the Q&A session has not been covered enough on the internet or social media for what kind of information it revealed. It brings up some very interesting bits of information on what we can expect from the Player vs. Player combat in The Elder Scrolls Online and the campaign system of Cyrodiil & the Alliance War. The size of Cyrodiil and some of the PvP rewards and incentives, for example, were revealed.

Here’s a selection of the most interesting questions and answers from the PvP Q&A session.

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ESO Gameplay Video – Developer Play Session

Earlier today Zenimax released a developer play session featuring Paul Sage, the creative director of ESO, Nick Konkle, lead gameplay designer and Dan Crenshaw, dungeon lead. The video is well worth watching because it gives a pretty good idea of how the combat and UI in ESO play out. It also reveals some of the group PvE content we can expect in Elder Scrolls Online. The video starts with a showdown between a huge storm atronach called Zymel Kruz and two of the developers. The named storm atronach is referred to as “overland boss”, so now we have an idea of what they could be: rare, unique monsters that will be challenging to take down on your own.

The video also showcases some of the travelling options players can use in game and reveals what the Dark Anchors are all about.

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More information on group PvE soon

The Elder Scrolls Online social media is buzzing as Zenimax Online say they will be “sharing more about group PvE content in ESO in the coming weeks”. The following picture was included on the tweet:

Elder Scrolls Online Group PvE info

 Looks like we’re getting more information on “Dark Anchors, overland bosses and other group content in ESO.” On top of that a developer play session video, new wallpapers and the usual ask us anything, developer question of the week and fansite Q&As.

There hasn’t been much information on Dark Anchors so far, but what we know is that they are hook-like structures sent to chain Tamriel by Molag Bal. The Dark Anchors supposedly work like Oblivion Gates.  They’ll probably appear around Tamriel somewhat randomly and spawn all kinds of daedra from Molag Bal’s daedric plane, the Coldharbour.

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Tamriel Journal Launches

Hello, travellers!

In anticipation of the upcoming MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), we have decided to run our own ESO related community/fansite. The main purpose of Tamriel Journal is to offer the players a valuable source of information on the game and its core mechanics, and act as a community for the Elder Scrolls and MMO fans alike. The website will include the latest Elder Scrolls Online news, articles, game information and guides.

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