Hostile NPC Collision Detection Added in ESO?

ESO Collision DetectionSeveral sources have confirmed that the latest Elder Scrolls Online beta build includes hostile NPC collision detection. If this is final and implemented well, it’s a big boost to the feel of melee combat in ESO. The general consensus has been that melee combat could feel better. It has somewhat been lacking impact. If these news turn out to be true, and the changes are implemented right, it’s definitely a major feather in Zenimax’ cap.

Whilst NPC collision detection has existed in Elder Scrolls games for ages, it definitely also has its drawbacks. In my experience it’s mostly to do with friendly npcs and companions getting in your way rather than enemies, though. Having hostile npc collision detection is also very important for that Elder Scrolls feel in my eyes.

Another key point here is that the collision detection is only active for NPCs. It’s important because I’m sure there’s many of us who know what happens when player collision detection is combined with jackasses and trolls. Warhammer Online, Age of Conan… Being able to block down entire areas by just parking your character at a specific spot is not the best design in my eyes.

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Exploring Tamriel: Treasure Maps

treasure chestThere are multiple reasons for you to explore the vast world of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. One of them is Treasure Maps. On your adventures you might come across these maps which point to a hidden stash of treasure. The concept is similar to the different maps you can find in TES:Skyrim – the map has a drawn picture on it which depicts the location of the hidden treasure, marked with an ‘x’. In Skyrim every treasure map had a fixed location, but this is not the case in ESO.

If you love treasure hunting in Skyrim, ESO will not let you down either.

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Crafting Set Pieces in ESO

As we’re getting closer and closer to the release of ESO, Zenimax keeps pumping out new videos and game information. In this video Creative Director Paul Sage, Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle and Lead User Experience Designer Chris Strasz talk about Blacksmithing in Elder Scrolls Online. They show how improving armor works out in practice and what the Keen Eye crafting skill line perks do: they highlight crafting nodes in the world by giving them a bright glow, making them stand out and easier to spot from a distance.

Another cool crafting feature is shown on the video, which is crafting armor set pieces with special bonuses.

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Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 13 Summary

Ask us Anything SummaryThis time the Ask Us Anything focused mainly on the Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online. Zenimax answered a lot of specific questions about the pre-order bonuses and early access period.

There has been a lot of confusion with the early access period. The ask us Anything article cleared up a lot of the confusion, and it seems that we’ll be able to enjoy most of the pre-order perks during the early access period. Until now, the general public was under the impression that you would not be able to play as an Imperial before the official launch, 4th April. Turns out you can play as an Imperial during the early access period, too.

The Ritual of Mara was also explained, and it was revealed that items converted to Imperial Racial Style will be bound-on-account.

Here’s a full summary of the Ask Us Anything answers.

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Elder Scrolls Online NDA Has Been Lifted

ESO NDA liftedZenimax have finally lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement. This means everyone can freely talk about their beta experience and share information, their gameplay, screenshots and videos of Elder Scrolls Online beta.

The ESO community has been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. You can expect a stream of valuable information coming your way from Tamriel Journal as well.

Until now, the game has been under NDA and only select few have been allowed to share bits of information in a very restricted way. There was a media beta two weeks ago, and the NDA for media was partly lifted.

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No “Traditional” Open Beta Before Launch

ESO BetaZenimax support confirms that there will be no “traditional open beta” for Elder Scrolls Online. Earlier Zenimax stated on Elder Scrolls Online’s facebook page that they would plan to conduct one. However, if you sign up to ESO beta before the launch and are eligible with the Terms of Service (mainly meaning you are of appropriate age), you are guaranteed to get an invite for future beta events. Oh, and there will be several, large beta sessions prior to launch.

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New Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites Going Out

ESOZenimax are sending out yet another wave of beta invites.  The Beta will take place in the coming weekend. The beta testers are and will be under NDA, meaning the information related to the test session can not be discussed.

Rumour has it that this time round, players get to play the characters they made in the last beta.

Check your email folders, and don’t forget to double check the spam folder!

ESO Pre-Order Available – Choose Your Own Faction

ImperialImperial Edition was leaked yesterday and now it has been officially confirmed. Pre-orders are up for all platforms and you can choose between  Imperial Edition and Standard Edition. Imperial Edition gets some special goodies and the pre-order benefits are simply put, amazing.

Honestly I think that Zenimax has to confirm some of the bonuses that the pre-order benefits bring. It could be that they were in a hurry to put the official word out after the leak, but you can’t just drop the bomb like that and casually say players will be able to PLAY the imperial race, and by pre-ordering, they also get to CHOOSE their own factions.

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A Guide to Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls Online

Lockpicking in Elder Scrolls OnlineLockpicking has always been a part of the Elder Scrolls games. Whether you wanted to break into someone’s house or open a treasure chest, often you’d bump into a lock which can either be opened with a key (if one exists), with alteration magic or by picking the lock with lockpicks. In Morrowind the lockpicking system is a bit uneventful and based on randomness. You equip a lockpick and click on a locked container until your lockpick runs out of uses or the lock decides it’s time to open. Lockpicking in Oblivion is much more immersive and provided the player with a mini game. The player would have to “feel” the lock by watching the visual effects and listening to the sounds of pins or tumblers being forced up and falling down. Once you know which visuals/sounds to look out for, you can master the art of lockpicking.

The lockpicking system in Skyrim is mostly visual and quite different from Oblivion’s lockpicking mini game. In Skyrim, the player had to feel for the right tumbler position with a lockpick whilst turning a tension wrench in the lock its self. If the lockpick is not in the right position, it will break from excessive pressure applied by the tension wrench.

In Elder Scrolls Online, the lockpicking system bares the most resemblance to that of Oblivion.

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