Tamriel Journal Skyshard Map

skyshard mapWe’re very pleased to present an interactive skyshard map we have been working on. There’s a lot of good skyshard guides and maps around, but Anarion and I decided to make one ourselves as well.

We tried to weigh the pros and cons of the current maps & guides available, and see what could be improved. How is our map different from the rest, then?

Most of the current maps come in multiple different parts on multiple different pages. We wanted to include all the necessary information on a single page. There is no need to navigate to other pages on the website – all you need to do is select a different zone from the drop-down menu.

A drop-down menu on its own is not a big feat, but the problem we often ran into with other maps was either the lack of information or the abundance of it.

For someone hunting for missing skyshards, it’s vital that they can easily find the skyshards they are missing from a specific zone. What you’d probably do, is look at your Skyshard Achievements and see the hints of the skyshards you are missing and then try to figure it out. Achievement hints are essential in finding the skyshards you may have missed, which is why we linked the hints with each skyshard.

Hovering over a hint will highlight the skyshard on the map, making it easier to find the desired skyshard.

Any feedback on the map is much appreciated, and we’ll continue to improve it in the future as well. If there’s a feature you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to point it out.