ESO News Round-Up: Major Restrictions to Addons

Weekly Tamriel Journal ESO News Round-up

In the Round-up:  • Big Addon Restrictions • ESO Subscription Plans Announced • Tamriel Journal Skyshard Map • Reddit AMA Summary • Fishing Made Useful? • Latest PTS Patch Notes •

Major Restrictions to Addons

Zenimax has finally shown in a concrete way what they want the community to be able to do with addons and what not. There’s a list of all the technical changes on reddit.

Here’s the main changes:

  • The detail of damage dealt to you is restricted. You have access to the information to see how much damage was dealt to you, but no information on who dealt the damage with what abilities.
  • All combat details of other players are completely restricted, which means the chance to have group-wide damage meters is pretty much gone.
  • All short-term buff and debuff information is restricted. This means you can’t view the duration of ability buffs, either placed by you or other players.
  • Health, Magicka and Stamina information for both friendlies and enemies is restricted.
  • Cast-bars are completely gone, both from you and the enemies.

Subscription Plans Announced

Currency 30-day 90-day 180-day
USD $14.99 $13.99 / 30 days $12.99 / 30 days
Euro 12.99€ €11.99 / 30 days €10.99 / 30 days
GBP 8.99£ £7.99 / 30 days £6.99 / 30 days

No mention of a lifetime subscription.

Tamriel Journal Skyshard Map

We’d like to present our interactive skyshard map which lets you view the maps of all zones, their skyshards and the skyshard achievements hints all in a single page.

The major benefit of our map is the ability to connect each skyshard to its relevant skyshard achievement hint, making it much easier to quickly see which skyshards you are missing. There’s also no need to navigate between multiple pages on our website – it’s all on a single page.

Reddit AMA Summary

Some interesting bits:

  • FOV Slider will not be in for launch.
  • 300+ obtainable Skill Points at launch confirmed.
  • Guild Tabards / Insignias most likely added in a future content update.
  • No plans to add option speech bubbles in game.

Fishing to Complement Provisioning in ESO?

A screenshot taken from ESOHead suggests that fish may be an ingredient for Provisioning recipes in the future. Until now fishing has been nearly useless, mainly offering vendor trash.

Patch 0.182 Notes

There’s a lot of bug fixes and changes in the PTS patch notes, but possibly the most important of them is the nerf to Khajiit racial skill Carnage: Removed the critical damage bonus from the Khajiit passive Carnage, and doubled its critical strike chance bonus.

This nerf may affect the choice of race for many players.

Tamriel Journal Updates of the Week

  • Crafted Item Sets in ESO – evertyhing you need to know about the crafting set items, including crafting station locations, set bonuses and trait requirements.
  • Why Potions are Extremely Powerful in ESO – an article which explains why Alchemy might be one of the most important professions in Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Skyshard Map – an interactive skyshard map, which makes finding the missing skyshards super easy.
  • Our Forums have been pimped out to match the look of the rest of the site. Join us!


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  • I don’t know how you feel about the addon changes, but I’m glad Zenimax decided to limit the information addons can take advantage of.

    It’s a step away from the traditional MMOs and a step closer to Elder Scrolls. You can still customize the UI, but major advantages such as being able to see enemy’s cast bars are gone. I’m especially fond of the cast bar change because it forces the player to look for visual cues on when to interrupt.

    On other hand, not being able to see buff / debuff timers is a pretty bold move, and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. Time will tell.

  • Shadowhorn

    I totally agree. I cant even describe how happy I am they limited the addons. It will make the fighting sooo raw and fun unlike other MMOs with countless addons where fights become just numbers wars. It is almost, one could say, realistic. I love it. 🙂

  • Anyad

    Thats just stupid change. A newer player disadvantage again over the veterans. At least i knew what visual is what. now i am cueless about what a lets say sorcerer doing to me, because i dont have, and wont have one to study.
    And beside that, it is just completly retarded change, and fuck you ESO tbh….not that this would change anything, ill still play and like the combat, just hate the devs. 😀

  • Gierolf_Hvitrserkr

    no, its not a stupid change, its putting skill back into the game and further Preventing a group from forcing people to leave because they feel they dont do enough damage. this game is 90% PVE anyway, and if your not stupid and are actually looking at your screen, you know when enemies are casting.

  • Dylan Jay Grobbelaar

    I agree, the theme of this game is immersion and there is no lore in elderscrolls to support characters knowing all of the combat information coming from every direction! I like the more realistic situation where you wont know the brand of sniper and type of bullet an enemy is using just because the guy beside you was shot.

  • Solstice

    Frankly I did expect more of default UI when I started playing Elder Scrolls Online. Thankfully there are now more and more ESO addons to download. Default UI is really poor and not gamer-friendly so addons just make this game more joyful. I’m not sure if this restriction is another good idea and won’t make this game crash and burn.. People love to see the damage they deal, buffs, durations, cooldowns, casting bars, target’s target and more of these things which make this game more clear and less chaotic, when you actually know what to do, it has to be strategically based, now it looks like all abilities and skills have not much of particular order.. and I’m speaking in comparison to WoW, WildStar etc.. Anyway I’m still trying to play ESO and trying really hard to like it.. And the only thing I still play ESO is because finally some ESO addons came out which make this game more convenient, so anyone who doesn’t enjoy Elder Scrolls Online default UI too much can find and download useful ESO mods and addons from: you can get ESO recount, combat text, minimap, coords and many more UI mods there.

  • Gierolf_Hvitrserkr

    people only like to see these big numbers because they like to compete with eachother over who can hit the bigger numbers. the point of restricting these Addons like this is, on one hand to keep the immersion of the game, where not everyone has information of every little thing going on around them, making tanking a HELL of a lot more fun to play. And it also helps Prevent community Forced Cookie Cutter builds, not that people wouldnt try in the first place, but they want the game to be more about choice, then high numbers. its the same reason the soft caps for boosts are low, and the gear stats are not like +1000 strength +1000 vitality

  • Joey Zero

    My feelings on this are *so* torn.
    Limiting the cast bars, I love. It really forces the player to pay attention to the enemy’s stance/proximity/effects/etc, and make split-second decisions about whether to dodge/block/bash. Sometimes you make the wrong decision and need to adjust your tactics. It really puts the player on the edge of their seat, and forces them to not only think about what they’re up against, but to ‘feel it out’ as well. Eventually the player begins to get a solid feel for the timing of various attacks, and combat becomes so much more than just facerolling your rotation.

    The same applies to the buff/debuff timers, but this is where it starts to get hairy for me. Not having the timers up means that (in my experience, anyway) you tend to rely on ‘feeling out’ whether or not the buffs/debuffs are active, and under the right circumstances, can really push a player’s feel for the timings of them and force them to look for visual ques (ex: damage shields, surge, expert hunter, etc). What remains to be seen is whether the really hardcore players are going to come up with some kind of workaround to eke out those few extra points of damage by making sure they are constantly keeping their dots/buffs/debuffs up.

    Which brings me to the damage limitations. This one is really hairy for me, because these numbers can be so useful. On one hand, I feel like having some floating numbers would further reinforce the typical MMO role stereotypes, and would really bring out the “chart-topping” elitist attitude that most people hate in MMOs like wow. But, on the other hand there’s really no way of gauging what playstyle is legitimately working well for you other than smacking a mob and guessing on how much the health bar dropped relative to your last smack. Or, harder still, “my team only wiped once this dungeon, whereas last time we wiped 9 times” – a quantifiable metric, but one that says very little about your individual effectiveness. It’ll be interesting (if not a little disheartening) to watch what metrics are used in lieu of damage/healing meters. Because of the popularity and format of the game, it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.

    “It only takes me 5.1 seconds to take down a level 50 *insert standardized mob here*!! Before I made those changes to my bar, it took me 5.4 seconds.”

  • Epsile

    The whole buff thing is ridiculous. No matter what anyone says, this is still an MMO, and MMO’s require such things to ever clear bosses or have high level PVP. Without some features, you will feel lost and disconnected because the effects won’t make sense. Animations are never perfect, and castbars are there to enlighten upon the animation. So there will be uncertain unknowns in knowing when you should start interrupting or not if we lack certain information that Addons will provide. Unless Zenimax plans for this to be a extremely easy game and extremely simple mechanics, I don’t see this going over well. In the end it will just cause frustration in raids contain proper timing from all players.

    As far as the casting, this frustrates me very much so. I REALLY want to see my own castbar. I honestly can’t tell when my Drain Essence (Vampire) stops channeling or when 0.8 animation from Teleport Strike will go off. That animation of Teleport Strike seems WAY longer than a second.

    I can definately say this deters me from doing PvP completely. PvP is about being competive in my opinion. I would rather not depend on unreliable means of being competive and creating eye straining problems as well dying from unknown cause and never learning why. I’m very sad to see these restrictions.