Wayrest Sewers Dungeon Guide

Wayrest Sewers is Daggerfall Covenant’s second 4-man group dungeon. The group finder lists the dungeon as level 20-23, and it is located in the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven.

Aldmeri Dominion and Ebonheart Pact players can explore the dungeon after they’ve completed their own level 20-23 dungeons, Elden Hollow or Darkshade Caverns.

This guide explains the boss fights & mechanics in Wayrest Sewers.

Wayrest Sewers Overview

The dungeon quest for Wayrest Sewers can be picked up as soon as you are teleported to the instance. Completing the dungeon quest will give a skill point.

What would a sewer be without rats and crocodiles? Not a lot, apparently. You’ll find both of them in Wayrest Sewers. The layout of the instance slightly reminds me of the Imperial Prison in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Recommended Group setup

Wayrest Sewers is probably the easiest of the level 20-23 instances. Both Varaine and Allene Pellingare benefit from having a tank in the group, but I can see the instance completed without a dedicated tank. There’s a couple of crocodile trash mobs which deal more damage than any of the bosses in the instance – ironically that’s where you’ll need a tank the most. A healer will be useful.


  • Slimecraw (optional miniboss)
  • Investigator Garron
  • Uulgarg the Hungry (miniboss)
  • The Rat Whisperer (optional miniboss)
  • Varaine Pellingare
  • Allene Pellingare

Normal Mode


Level: 23

Health: 8,030

Slimecraw is the first optional boss in Wayrest Sewers. He’s a giant crocodile! He can be annoying from a tank’s point of view, but really is nothing to worry about.

Boss mechanics

  • Slimecraw has a frontal cone tailswipe. It deals high physical damage and does a pretty big knockback. You do have enough time to get out of the cone, but not too much.

Investigator Garron

Level: 23

Health: 16,060

Investigator Garron is the second boss in Wayrest Sewers, and has a couple of mechanics which make for an interesting boss fight.

Boss mechanics

  • Garron likes to teleport around the room. Just keep track of him.
  • The main mechanic in this fight is the green orb Garron summons. It will start chasing after random players, dealing damage to anyone caught in its radius. If the orb is chasing you, run away, but make sure you don’t drag the orb through your group members.
  • Garron periodically summons two Restless Soul ghosts with 717 Health on the opposite sides of the room. The ghosts have ranged attacks, and they should be taken down asap.
  • Garron also has a highly damaging ranged knockback which seems to prefer distant targets.

Uulgarg the Hungry

Uulgarg the Hungry is the third boss in Wayrest Sewers. It’s easy to mock this fight up, even though the fight on its own isn’t very demanding. Uulgarg has a bunch of adds with him, including healers. Take them down first and then focus on Uulgarg himself.

Boss mechanics

  • The most dangerous ability Uulgarg has is his AOE fear ability. He’ll sometimes fear everyone for a few seconds. Whilst the fear on its own doesn’t do any damage, what follows up might be lethal.
  • Uulgarg has a nasty heavy melee attack, which deals a lot of damage unless blocked. He also likes to do it right after he has feared everyone. This could potentially kill the tank unless he has enough Stamina to break out of the fear and block the attack.
  • Uulgarg sometimes stops and does a whirlwind attack around him, dealing physical damage. The damage isn’t high, but there’s no reason to get hit by it.

The Rat Whisperer

Level: 23

Health: 8,030

The Rat Whisperer is definitely my favorite boss in Wayrest Sewers. He’s an optional miniboss, and he dances!

Boss mechanics

  • The Rat Whisperer periodically casts a magic AOE damage spell at the tank, indicated with a red circle.
  • The boss shouts “Come to me my minions” as he summons a bunch of low Health skeevers to aid him.
  • The Rat Whisperer sometimes casts a cold damage root spell on the tank.

Varaine Pellingare

Level: 23

Health: 16,060

Varaine Pellingare is the fifth boss in Wayrest Sewers. He has a couple of nasty abilities which are good to be aware of in advance.

Boss mechanics

  • The tank needs to look out for Varaine’s heavy melee attack, and block it.
  • Varaine Pellingare periodically casts a quickly expanding AOE spell around him. It deals a lot of damage and briefly stuns anyone caught in it.
  • Varaine also does a frontal cone attack, seemingly to a random direction. He has a jump animation associated with the ability, but it’s still very tricky to avoid. Getting hit by the frontal cone attack will knock you down and deal medium physical damage.

Allene Pellingare

Level: 23

Health: 16,060

Allene Pellingare is the sixth and final boss in Wayrest Sewers. Allene is your typical rogue boss: she dual wields weapons, vanishes and has a shadowstep ability.

Boss mechanics

  • The tank needs to block Allene’s heavy melee attack.
  • From time to time Allene does a Teleport Strike to random targets, which deals a lot of damage and briefly snares the target.
  • Allene vanishes roughly every 25% of her Health to summon Fiendish Hallucinations. They are large bats with 562 Health. The number of bats summoned increases after each summon. Normally bats are immune to root effects, but for some reason these bats are not. A dragonknight with Dark Talons will completely destroy them.
  • After the last group of bats has been summoned, Allene should be at around 25% Health. Allene takes on a ghost form and seems to deal a bit more damage in the last phase.

Veteran Mode

Veteran Mode section included soon!

  • Sarah Nicole Blausey

    So I dropped the quest because I couldn’t do it myself, and now the guy won’t give it back to me, it’s just not there any more. Any suggestions? Does it start in another spot?

  • Morgan Johnston

    “probably the easiest of the level 20-23 instances”


    I tried it with a group around lvl 20-21 .. we couldnt defeat Garron. We had a tank and healer (me). The group gave up after 5 attempts. (some were quitters .. not me)

    I came back today .. my char (healer) now lvl 24 .. and with a level 32 tank … again we couldnt get past Garron. again the group gave up after a few attempts. (the tank was the one to quit first)

  • What was your issue with Garron specifically?

    As long as your group isn’t getting hit by the orb and you kill the ghosts when they spawn, it should be quite straight-forward. That has been my experience, anyway.