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ESO Drops Subscriptions & Goes Buy to Play

Zenimax did a couple of huge announcements today. Starting on March 17 2015, Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play for previous subscribers and buy to play for new players. None of the previous game content will be locked behind subscriptions after Tamriel Unlimited goes live – players can experience every story, class, faction […]

First Look at Justice System in ESO

ESO Guild Summit revealed some more interesting information about the upcoming Justice System. The Justice System will be a huge addition to Elder Scrolls Online, and it will drastically change the world and the way you and the players around you play the game. It adds a whole new level of player-driven content, and makes […]

Creating ESO: Dragonstar Arena Video

A new video by ZOS has been posted featuring Dragonstar Arena, which will be released with ESO update 4. In Dragonstar Arena players fight as a group of four heroes against multiples waves of enemies. If they survive long enough, they get to fight against the reigning arena champions. Defeating the arena champions gives access […]

ESO Reveals Subscriber Loyalty Program

Zenimax Online Studios has revealed their subscriber loyalty program for Elder Scrolls Online. The program aims to reward those who have already been playing the game, but also those who have an active subscription running in the future. The first loyalty reward is given in September, and it will be handed out to those who […]

The Road Ahead – August 20

ESO’s Game Director Matt Firor has posted the monthly Road Ahead article, which discusses the content in Update 3 and Update 4. The article also reveals roughly how long it will be until the new game features shown in QuakeCon will be going live. We can expect the first features by the end of this […]

Tamriel Journal ESO Developer Tracker Up And Running Again

Our developer tracker is now up and running again. I completely rewrote the forum crawler which by the looks of it solved the performance (and memory usage) issues that caused massive issues on page loading times. It also looks like developer tracker responds way faster now which is thanks to moving away from our servers […]

Alliance War Future Plans

Brian Wheeler, Elder Scrolls Online’s Lead PvP Designer, recently made a post about the future of Alliance War (PvP in ESO) and everything Cyrodiil. Brian Wheeler tells us what the PvP team of ZOS are currently working on, how the Campaign system looks like now & what it will look like in the future. Crashes […]

ESO Update 4 Preview Video

Zenimax has released a new trailer of Update 4. Update 4 Features Dragonstar Arena: a 4-player version of Trials. These will be much harder than Trials. Craglorn expands – players can explore Upper Craglorn with more quests and delves. Craglorn gets a new Trial. All existing Delves in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March and The Rift will […]

ESO EU Megaserver Migration July 30th

Many EU-based ESO players, myself included, have been waiting for this day. The European ESO Megaserver will finally be migrated to Frankfurt, Germany. The European megaserver migration will begin at (1:00PM BST) on July 30th, and the process is anticipated to be complete by (10:00PM BST). The EU megaserver will be unavailable during this time. […]

The Future of ESO Panel Round-Up

The Future of ESO Panel at Quakecon gave us some new info on many subjects. We have rounded up the most interesting bits below. Subjects discussed in the panel Imperial City Spellcrafting Justice System Veteran & Champion System New Armour & Weapons Future Content & Grouping Facial Animation Improvements