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ESO On Steam: FAQ

The PC version of Elder Scrolls Online is now available on Steam. There’s also a limited time only sale on ESO to celebrate the occasion. The Standard and Imperial editions of the game will be on sale until Monday, July 21st. You can pick up the Standard Edition for -50%, and the Imperial Edition for […]

ESO Champion System – Account Wide Progression

Paul Sage has confirmed in an interview with ElderScrollsOTR that ESO is about to get its own account wide character progression system: the champion system. Based on Paul Sage’s description, the system seems very similar to Diablo 3’s Paragon system. The champion system in ESO will be the last phase of the veteran rank overhaul. […]

Provisioning Revamp – Major Provisioning Changes

Zenimax is considering a revamp for Provisioning. You can read the full explanation of the revamp below, but here’s some of the changes the revamp would cause: The number of provisioning ingredients would be cut down to half, but the number of recipes would stay the same or increase. Most, if not all, of the […]

ESO The Road Ahead – July 8

The latest update from ZOS includes info on the following subjects: ESO will have a strong presence at QuakeCon, with lots of announcements and community interaction. EU Megaserver is being moved to Frankfurt, Germany in late July / early August. Veteran System changes Veteran points are being removed, instead, VR points will become standard experience […]

ESO Upcoming Veteran Content Changes

Starting on Monday, July 7th, the veteran system in ESO sees its first major changes. Zenimax already announced their plans to tweak veteran content back in late May. As expected, the difficulty level of veteran content is being lowered. After the balance changes are implemented,  VR content will be more suited for solo play, matching […]

Stamina Ability Improvements

Many Stamina skills and passives are getting buffed. The general consensus has been that builds based on Stamina are nowhere near as attractive as most of the Magicka-based builds. Here’s a first look at the upcoming changes, which include Bow, Dual Wield, Medium Armour and Two-Handed buffs. Hopefully Heavy Armour passives and 1h+Shield will get […]

Upcoming Templar Buffs

Looks like Templars will be getting a number of improvements next week. I’m sure anyone playing a Templar can appreciate the changes and welcomes them with open arms. Here’s a look at all the buffs. More might follow.

Developer Tracker Improvements

We have added some new features to our ESO developer tracker. There’s now an option to select only threads started by ZOS staff, and it’s possible to see all of the developer responses in a specific thread. You may have also noticed that our main page now shows five of the latest ZOS staff threads […]

Veteran Content Improvements & PTS Open

ESO’s Community Manager Jessica Folsom has confirmed that the PTS will be open for everyone in the coming updates. You should be able to download the PTS via the launcher even as we speak. Prior to this, only a select group of testers were able to get on the PTS. Another interesting bit of news […]