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Craglorn update going live tomorrow

According to an IGN article & interview with Paul Sage, the targeted release date of ESO’s first major content is this week’s Thursday or Friday. That’d be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. EDIT: Zenimax have now confirmed Craglorn will be going live starting tomorrow. Zenimax is planning on releasing regular content updates every 4-6 weeks. […]

Tamriel Journal ESO Developer Tracker

We are pleased to introduce a new site feature: an advanced ESO developer tracker ( The official Elder Scrolls Online forums have a developer tracker. It’s useful, but we thought we could add some features to it and make it more user-friendly. Our dev tracker allows you to filter Zenimax Online Studios staff posts by […]

ESO Console Release Delayed

Zenimax have broken the radio silence regarding the console release of ESO. At this point it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the ESO console release is delayed. A support post estimated the delay to be around 6 months. Another interesting bit of information is that players who own the PC/Mac version of the game […]

Zenimax Ask us Anything Reddit Answers

Here’s a compilation of the questions asked by the reddit community, and the Zenimax Online replies from the May 1st AMA session. The staff taking part in the AMA session: (click to move to the correct section) Matt Firor – Game Director Paul Sage – Creative Director Brian Wheeler – Lead PVP Designer Rich Lambert […]

Future Content in ESO: Spellcrafting, Armor Dyes, Justice System

Matt Firor’s latest post reveals what kind of content we can expect in the future. Some of the things he mentions, like the Field of View Slider and Death Recap are common knowledge, but his post now officially confirms that ESO will have a Spellcrafting system, armor dyes and a Justice system among many other […]

ESO AOE Target Cap Clarification

Zenimax have clarified their intentions with maximum AOE target caps. The too long; did not read version is that all AOE abilities in Elder Scrolls Online have a max target limit of six, and always have had. If an AOE ability’s tooltip does not say how many targets it affects, the answer is 6. Alliance […]

Creating ESO: Trials

Zenimax released another preview of Trials, the first 12-man group PvE content or raid equivalent in ESO. The first Trials take place in Hel Ra Citadel, and they can be accessed through Craglorn, which will be the first Adventure Zone in Elder Scrolls Online. Players will face Ancient Yokudan warriors, air atronachs and other deadly […]

Matt Firor’s State of the Game Address

Matt Firor, the Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, has put up a post on the official forums which addresses the current state of the game. He specifically talks about gold spammers and bots, dungeon boss camping, fighting the black market, quest-blocking bugs and the near future of the game in general. It’s a good […]

Item Duping Exploit in ESO – Nostalgia, anyone?

Zenimax has taken action against players who have been using an exploit to duplicate items in ESO, gaining millions of gold in the process. Zenimax started tackling the exploit yesterday, when the guild bank system was temporarily disabled and some guild bank feature fixes were applied. Community Manager Jessica Folsom on item duping: Yesterday, we […]

More Info on Craglorn

Zenimax posted an Ask us Anything article on Craglorn, the first adventure zone in ESO. In the article they confirm that the future content updates will not be focusing on group content only – you can expect a larger variety of content. Here’s a bullet point summary of the article.