ESO News Round-Up: FOV Slider, Phasing, Jewelcrafting

Weekly Tamriel Journal ESO News Round-up

ESO weekly news round-up
In the Round-up:  •  Some new information on Adventure Zones • Incoming Private Test Server changes • Paul Sage Crafting Q&A Summary • A look at PTS Patch Notes • Latest Tamriel Journal website updates •

PTS Patch 0.181 Notes

Brief Overview:

  • Streamlined and made modifications to the tutorial. It should now be faster to complete and have more interesting encounters.
  • Many adjustments to overall gameplay and combat.
  • Numerous fixes for quest issues and blockers.
  • Several UI fixes and improvements.

What we know about Adventure Zones so far

We  now know slightly more about Adventure Zones than we did before, thanks to a press leak. There will also be dungeons and quests in Craglorn, which is said to be one of the Adventure Zones in ESO.

ESO Private Test Server Changes

Paul Sage on Adventure Zones: “We are going to be talking about this in lots of detail very soon. I know everyone is eager for details, and they will come soon. ”

Paul Sage on World Interactivity: “You will be able to pick up even more objects in the world, including picking up that sword or armor off the rack.”

Paul Sage on FOV Slider: “There isn’t a lot to say about this feature that isn’t in the title, other than we will be adding it in. We know different people have different Field Of View settings which will make them comfortable, or just not nauseous.”

“So there you go. Just a peek into what’s coming up, and really, that’s only a small portion of what we are working on. We’ll be announcing more in the upcoming weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at launch.” -Paul Sage

TESOElite Crafting Q&A With Paul Sage Summary

A categorized summary of what TESOElite’s Crafting Q&A session with Creative Director Paul Sage revealed.

Some noteworthy bits of information:

  • There are definitely racial motifs which are rarer than others. Especially some of the higher tier motifs like the primative or daedric styles. Some of these are very difficult to find.
  • On guild crests / logos: “This is something the team is very much in favor of. VERY in favor of.”
  • On the possibility of crafting jewelry in game: “It is something we have discussed for the future and it is something we would like to do.”
  • On how long it takes to master a profession: “200-300 hours. Assume top tier. It also depends on the profession. Smithing will take longer because of research.”
  • On crafted gear vs dungeon loot: “Crafted gear of equal level and equal quality rating is always better than dropped gear from a numerical standpoint. Weapons do more damage, armor has more… armor. However, certain enchantments can only be found on drops. Crafters can always improve those items which have unique enchantments.”
  • No crossbows, cloaks or katanas in the foreseeable future.

Tamriel Journal Updates

We have added and updated a lot of content, most importantly the skill line information. All of the listed skill lines are now valid. We’ll also add World Skills: Soul Magic, Vampirism and Lycanthropy in the near future.

Our Alchemy and Enchanting Guide have also been updated. Our Provisioning Guide is still work in progress, but includes some useful, general provisioning information and tips for now.


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