Creating ESO: Dragonstar Arena Video

A new video by ZOS has been posted featuring Dragonstar Arena, which will be released with ESO update 4.

In Dragonstar Arena players fight as a group of four heroes against multiples waves of enemies. If they survive long enough, they get to fight against the reigning arena champions. Defeating the arena champions gives access to a reward chest.

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ESO Reveals Subscriber Loyalty Program

high hrothgar wraith ESOZenimax Online Studios has revealed their subscriber loyalty program for Elder Scrolls Online. The program aims to reward those who have already been playing the game, but also those who have an active subscription running in the future.

The first loyalty reward is given in September, and it will be handed out to those who have been subscribed for three months (excluding game time included with your purchase of ESO and any additional complimentary game time).

These dedicated players will receive an in-game vanity pet, the High Hrothgar Wraith. The program will expand in the future, and to be eligible for the next reward you must have been subscribed for 6 months.

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The Road Ahead – August 20

dragonstar arenaESO’s Game Director Matt Firor has posted the monthly Road Ahead article, which discusses the content in Update 3 and Update 4.

The article also reveals roughly how long it will be until the new game features shown in QuakeCon will be going live. We can expect the first features by the end of this year, whilst the longer-term features will appear some time in 2015.

Expect to see soon: New facial animation system, improved grouping, fixes to player separation issues
Expect to see in a while: Imperial City, Champion System
Expect to see later: Justice System, Spellcrafting

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Tamriel Journal ESO Developer Tracker Up And Running Again

Our developer tracker is now up and running again. I completely rewrote the forum crawler which by the looks of it solved the performance (and memory usage) issues that caused massive issues on page loading times. It also looks like developer tracker responds way faster now which is thanks to moving away from our servers piss poor mysql database which is apparently can be incredibly slow. Our forum crawler no longer uses php and mysql.

ESO PTS Patch Notes v1.4.0

ESO patch notesUpdate 4 of ESO is now available on PTS. The features are listed below.


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v.1.4.0, our fourth major content update!

In this update, we’ve added the upper region of Craglorn for you to explore, plus a new Trial – Sanctum Ophidia. We’ve also added the Dragonstar Arena where you’ll be challenged to defeat 10 stages of monsters with a group of 4. The Veteran Rank cap has also been raised to VR14 to account for these new encounters.

We’ve begun our grouping improvements to many PvE objectives, and have continued our work on expanding existing delves. You’ll also find that we’ve added new ability altering enchantments, which you can read more about below.

In addition to all new features, we’ve continued to improve many areas of the game including gameplay, art, itemization, quests, UI, and the Alliance War. We hope you enjoy the latest update, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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Alliance War Future Plans

Emperor ArmorBrian Wheeler, Elder Scrolls Online’s Lead PvP Designer, recently made a post about the future of Alliance War (PvP in ESO) and everything Cyrodiil.

Brian Wheeler tells us what the PvP team of ZOS are currently working on, how the Campaign system looks like now & what it will look like in the future.

Crashes in Cyrodiil, Campaign buff distribution and Emperor Trading are also mentioned as some of the current issues.

The post also sheds some light on the upcoming Imperial City update, and how that will affect the rest of Cyrodiil and its landscape.

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ESO Update 4 Preview Video

Zenimax has released a new trailer of Update 4.

Update 4 Features

  • Dragonstar Arena: a 4-player version of Trials. These will be much harder than Trials.
  • Craglorn expands – players can explore Upper Craglorn with more quests and delves.
  • Craglorn gets a new Trial.
  • All existing Delves in Bangkorai, Reaper’s March and The Rift will be larger, have more monsters and loot.

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ESO Patch Notes v1.3.4

ESO patch notesOVERVIEW
The Elder Scrolls Online v1.3.4 is an incremental patch that features updates to gameplay, quest, and Trials issues, including updates to problems found after patch 1.3.3 went live including weapon swapping, bows, Trials gear, and dyes. We will continue work on other outstanding issues, and encourage you to keep an eye on the Known Issues thread on the forums for the most up-to-date status.

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General Executioner (Daedric Red Dye) Guide

daedric red dye daedric lord slayerGeneral Executioner is an achievement in Elder Scrolls Online that players need to complete in order to unlock the Daedric Red dye. It also yields the prestigious Daedric Lord Slayer title and 50 achievement points.

The achievement itself involves destroying all 16 of Molag Bal’s generals that appear at the Dark Anchors. This achievement requires some dedication, because there is no guaranteed way to make a specific Dark Anchor boss spawn.

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