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Zenimax Reddit AMA Summary

Here’s a categorized summary of Zenimax Reddit AMA session. Four developers from Zenimax Online took part in the AMA: Matt Firor, Game Director Nick Konkle, Lead Gameplay Designer Paul Sage, Creative Director Brian Wheeler, Lead PvP Designer A large number of questions were submitted by redditors and answered by the developers.

ESO Patch 0.182 Notes

These are the latest ESO patch notes from the private test server. There’s a couple of big changes which are worth mentioning. The Khajiit racial passive skill Carnage was changed. The old version increased Crit Multiplier by 15% for weapon abilities and increased melee critical chance by 3%. The new version of Carnage no longer […]

Crafted Item Sets in ESO

Crafted set items are a huge incentive to work on your smith professions and research more traits for armor and weapons in Elder Scrolls Online. Item sets give bonuses based on how many items of the set you’re wearing. Every crafted item set in ESO has different bonuses for using two, three, four or five […]

Tamriel Journal Alchemy Simulator

We are pleased to release the first version of our Alchemy Simulator. It’s an useful tool for figuring out which alchemy ingredients you can combine with each other to create potions. The simulator will show you the final effects the potion will have based on the alchemy ingredients you have chosen. If the chosen ingredients […]

ESO Store Will Include Mounts

In a recent ZAM Network interview Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor, confirmed that ESO Store is going to provide various different services to players – including mounts. There’s going to be two items in the shop provided at launch: a Palomino-colored entry-level horse, and the ability to upgrade your game to Imperial […]

Beta Weekend – New Playable Zones & NPC Collision

The invites are going out for this weekend’s ESO beta session. There are a couple of major changes you will notice from last beta. The tutorial has been changed: overall it will be quicker to complete, and the encounters will be more interesting. After you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll directly go to the first city […]

Ask Us Anything: Crafting

Zenimax posted an article which features questions submitted by the community, answered by the developers. The article focuses on Crafting, and whilst it does not necessarily provide any new information, it’s a good read for anyone who isn’t up to date with the crafting system in Elder Scrolls Online. The article confirms that every type […]

Beta This Weekend

A tweet from @TESOnline confirms that the invites for this weekend’s beta session will go out tomorrow. .@Close27Scott The next #ESO beta event for PC/Mac will take place this coming weekend. We’ll send out invites tomorrow. Get excited! — Elder Scrolls Online (@TESOnline) March 10, 2014