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TESOElite Crafting Q&A With Paul Sage Summary

TESOElite hosted a live  Crafting Q&A session with Creative Director Paul Sage from Zenimax Online. The Q&A discussed various different crafting topics, such as the value of crafted gear in end game, crafting hirelings and their usefulness, research and traits, racial styles and motifs, costumes and dyes, crafting economy, inventory and bank space. The community […]

Craglorn – Adventure Zone in ESO released a youtube video which discussed Craglorn, an Adventure Zone in Elder Scrolls Online. Apparently the information was leaked from a forum post which was addressed to internal beta testers. Well, the information is now out there, and speculation has begun. Adventure Zones have been advertised as ESO’s equivalent of raids: they are large […]

Patch 0.181 Notes

The latest Elder Scrolls Online beta patch notes (v0.181) were leaked. I think a lot of players, including myself, will smile while reading through them. Many of the annoying bugs you have encountered in the beta have been fixed. I’m sure you’ll find many other interesting bits in the patch notes below, but crafters will […]

Fighters Guild in Elder Scrolls Online

Fighters Guild is a well known faction from the previous Elder Scrolls games, now making an appearance in Elder Scrolls Online. The guild takes contracts and serves the people of Tamriel with the power of steel and shield. Fighters Guild is lead by an Argonian called Sees-All-Colors. Fighters Guild has not taken sides in the […]

How to Become the Emperor in ESO

One of the main incentives to participate in PvP in Elder Scrolls Online is conquering Cyrodiil with your alliance and having one of your fellow players be crowned Emperor. That’s right – you can become the Emperor in ESO. The Ruby Throne of Tamriel lies empty, and the three alliances: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and […]

ESO Client Will Not Require a Fresh Install

Community Manager of Elder Scrolls Online, Jessica Folsom, has confirmed that the beta client can be updated to live version of Elder Scrolls Online when the time comes. This means you will not have to do a fresh install of the full game, but you only need to patch the beta client to match the […]

New Beta Invites

Another set of beta invites have gone out. If you were a part of the last beta, you should have automatically received an invite for this beta session too. If you did not get yours yet, don’t panic. Sometimes it takes a day or two for everyone to receive their invite. The Beta session takes […]

Hostile NPC Collision Detection Added in ESO?

Several sources have confirmed that the latest Elder Scrolls Online beta build includes hostile NPC collision detection. If this is final and implemented well, it’s a big boost to the feel of melee combat in ESO. The general consensus has been that melee combat could feel better. It has somewhat been lacking impact. If these […]

Exploring Tamriel: Treasure Maps

There are multiple reasons for you to explore the vast world of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. One of them is Treasure Maps. On your adventures you might come across these maps which point to a hidden stash of treasure. The concept is similar to the different maps you can find in TES:Skyrim – the […]