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General Executioner (Daedric Red Dye) Guide

General Executioner is an achievement in Elder Scrolls Online that players need to complete in order to unlock the Daedric Red dye. It also yields the prestigious Daedric Lord Slayer title and 50 achievement points. The achievement itself involves destroying all 16 of Molag Bal’s generals that appear at the Dark Anchors. This achievement requires […]

ESO Dye Guide – Complete List of Dyes

Elder Scrolls Online is getting its own dye system with Update 3, and you guessed it, this guide is all about dyes. In ESO, dyes are unlocked exclusively through achievements. There’s dyes to be earned from just about every type of achievement in game. If you want to unlock all the dyes, you’ll be spending […]

ESO EU Megaserver Migration July 30th

Many EU-based ESO players, myself included, have been waiting for this day. The European ESO Megaserver will finally be migrated to Frankfurt, Germany. The European megaserver migration will begin at (1:00PM BST) on July 30th, and the process is anticipated to be complete by (10:00PM BST). The EU megaserver will be unavailable during this time. […]

The Future of ESO Panel Round-Up

The Future of ESO Panel at Quakecon gave us some new info on many subjects. We have rounded up the most interesting bits below. Subjects discussed in the panel Imperial City Spellcrafting Justice System Veteran & Champion System New Armour & Weapons Future Content & Grouping Facial Animation Improvements

ESO On Steam: FAQ

The PC version of Elder Scrolls Online is now available on Steam. There’s also a limited time only sale on ESO to celebrate the occasion. The Standard and Imperial editions of the game will be on sale until Monday, July 21st. You can pick up the Standard Edition for -50%, and the Imperial Edition for […]

ESO Champion System – Account Wide Progression

Paul Sage has confirmed in an interview with ElderScrollsOTR that ESO is about to get its own account wide character progression system: the champion system. Based on Paul Sage’s description, the system seems very similar to Diablo 3’s Paragon system. The champion system in ESO will be the last phase of the veteran rank overhaul. […]

Provisioning Revamp – Major Provisioning Changes

Zenimax is considering a revamp for Provisioning. You can read the full explanation of the revamp below, but here’s some of the changes the revamp would cause: The number of provisioning ingredients would be cut down to half, but the number of recipes would stay the same or increase. Most, if not all, of the […]

ESO The Road Ahead – July 8

The latest update from ZOS includes info on the following subjects: ESO will have a strong presence at QuakeCon, with lots of announcements and community interaction. EU Megaserver is being moved to Frankfurt, Germany in late July / early August. Veteran System changes Veteran points are being removed, instead, VR points will become standard experience […]

ESO Patch Notes v1.2.5

Patch v1.2.5 fixes bugs & other issues, but also reduces the difficulty of Veteran content. The difficulty of the first and second VR zones are brought more in line with the 1-50 zones, making the VR zones more solo-friendly. OVERVIEW The Elder Scrolls Online v1.2.5 is an incremental patch and addresses many issues with quests, […]

ESO Upcoming Veteran Content Changes

Starting on Monday, July 7th, the veteran system in ESO sees its first major changes. Zenimax already announced their plans to tweak veteran content back in late May. As expected, the difficulty level of veteran content is being lowered. After the balance changes are implemented,  VR content will be more suited for solo play, matching […]