Why Potions are Extremely Powerful in ESO

alchemy potions in esoI think a lot of people underestimate just how useful potions and Alchemy can be in Elder Scrolls Online. Many Elder Scrolls players do know the potential of Alchemy from the previous TES games.

I’m one of the players who pretty much ignored alchemy altogether. I always looted potions and picked them up, but in the end found that I was only using them when shit hit the fan, if at all.

My short experience in ESO has totally changed my take on potions and alchemy. Alchemy might just be one of the most useful and possibly most profitable professions in Elder Scrolls Online. Here’s why.

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Zenimax Reddit AMA Summary

Here’s a categorized summary of Zenimax Reddit AMA session.Reddit

Four developers from Zenimax Online took part in the AMA:

  • Matt Firor, Game Director
  • Nick Konkle, Lead Gameplay Designer
  • Paul Sage, Creative Director
  • Brian Wheeler, Lead PvP Designer

A large number of questions were submitted by redditors and answered by the developers.

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ESO Patch 0.182 Notes

eso patch notesThese are the latest ESO patch notes from the private test server. There’s a couple of big changes which are worth mentioning.

The Khajiit racial passive skill Carnage was changed. The old version increased Crit Multiplier by 15% for weapon abilities and increased melee critical chance by 3%. The new version of Carnage no longer increases Crit Multiplier, but now increases melee critical chance by twice as much: 6%.

Anyone who took part in last weekend’s beta test will be pleased to know that Zenimax have found the cause of broken quest issues and are working to fix it.

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Crafted Item Sets in ESO

alessias bulwarkCrafted set items are a huge incentive to work on your smith professions and research more traits for armor and weapons in Elder Scrolls Online. Item sets give bonuses based on how many items of the set you’re wearing. Every crafted item set in ESO has different bonuses for using two, three, four or five set pieces at the same time.

You can mix and match your set pieces in any way you wish. Your Light Armor gloves could be one piece of the set, Heavy Armor helm the second piece, Medium Armor belt the third piece and the daggers you are dual wielding would make up for the 5-piece set bonus.

Full list of crafted item sets, set bonuses and crafting locations for each alliance below. See our item set guide for other, non-crafted item sets.

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Mastering Smith Professions Takes Dedication in ESO

mastering professionsElder Scrolls Online rewards dedicated crafters. The main problem with crafting in most MMOs is that you can often only learn a small number of professions on a single character. To me that is just an artificial way to force players to create crafting alts. Why would you not be able to craft everything on the same character? That said, further down this article you’ll find exactly why crafting “everything” on the same character is far from easy.

In ESO, if you want to, you can master every profession. It’s going to take a ton of skill points and time, but you can definitely do it. “Mastering” a profession in ESO is not just about reaching rank 50 with the relevant crafting skill line. Most players who spend some time in game and invest in crafting will get to rank 50 sooner or later, but fully mastering the profession takes more from you, depending on the profession you want to master, of course. Smith professions have it the hardest.

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Tamriel Journal Alchemy Simulator

alchemy simulatorWe are pleased to release the first version of our Alchemy Simulator. It’s an useful tool for figuring out which alchemy ingredients you can combine with each other to create potions.

The simulator will show you the final effects the potion will have based on the alchemy ingredients you have chosen. If the chosen ingredients have common alchemy traits, and they are not countered by their anti-traits, the effect will appear on the potion.

The first version of the simulator is simple, and does not take solvents into account. Because of this, the simulator can’t tell you the exact strength of the potion or reveal its accurate name. Once we add an option to use different solvents, the simulator will be able to reveal the exact numbers and the name of the potion, which will be 100% identical to the ones in game.

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ESO Store Will Include Mounts

ESO Cash ShopIn a recent ZAM Network interview Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor, confirmed that ESO Store is going to provide various different services to players – including mounts. There’s going to be two items in the shop provided at launch: a Palomino-colored entry-level horse, and the ability to upgrade your game to Imperial Edition, which gives you access to the White horse and the ability to play as as Imperial, to name a few perks.

Zenimax is walking on thin ice here in my opinion. Mounts are a pretty standard item of any in game cash shop, you could argue. You could also reason that the Imperial race, which is a reward for only those who purchase the Imperial Edition of the game, is just fluff. On the other hand, one could say that paying money to get a mount is nothing short of paying to win. Where does Zenimax draw the line?

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Beta Weekend – New Playable Zones & NPC Collision

Dark AnchorThe invites are going out for this weekend’s ESO beta session. There are a couple of major changes you will notice from last beta.

The tutorial has been changed: overall it will be quicker to complete, and the encounters will be more interesting. After you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll directly go to the first city of your alliance.

Starting islands have been made optional – you can still choose to go back and complete the starting island before moving forward. Leveling will be faster early on, but balances out at higher levels where leveling is a little slower than before.

The biggest change you will notice is NPC Collision detection. It already exists in the private test server, and is now being added to this weekend’s beta as well. Friendly and hostile NPCs alike will have collision detection, meaning you can’t run through them. This will hopefully give melee combat a bit more oomph.

New Zones & Quests have been included in the beta. You can read all the other changes further down this post.

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